San Jordi or the Festival of the book and the rose.


The feast of San Jordi (patron of Catalonia), is celebrated in Catalonia but with special intensity in the city of Barcelona, where all women walk showing off her rose and no man walks without his book.

The protagonists of this celebration are culture and love – represented with the book and the rose, and its energy center is La Rambla, which is filled with citizens eager to enjoy the countless books and florists stops.

During Sant Jordi day, it is common to find the most popular writers signing and dedicating copies of their new books to their faithfull readers.


The legend of Sant Jordi:




Legend says, that there was a dragon that had frightened the entire population, which was obliged to give their animals in order to feed him, when animals finished, the dragon asked for young ladies to eat and satisfy his large appetite. When  the only young lady left was the King’s only daughter, The King announced that man who killed the dragon would have the hand of his daughter, the Princess and marry her. The Knight Jordi, fought a tough battle with the dragon, and with his sword cut off the dragon head.

The drops of blood coming from the killed dragon, in contact with the ground, became a rose Bush that bloomed in profusion and beauty, Knight Jordi took the most beautiful flower and offered to his Princess as a symbol of love.


The Festival of Sant Jordi (book day):


libro rosa

Strict observation of the tradition says that on April 23rd, feast of Sant Jordi, all men will give a  rose to his beloved, and she will  correspond him  with a book.

The streets of Barcelona, are filled with books stalls of all kinds, and in any corner you can find someone selling the precious Rose. Libraries occupy public streets and give the cultural touch that characterizes this celebration. La Rambla is the very center of the Celebration. Early in the morning booksellers prepare tables and fill them with books and roses. Thousands of people stroll throughout the day to search for the desired book. One of the highlights is when the authors sign their latest creation, surrounded by readers who look for his signed copy.


la rosa


Besides the legend, other reason to decide that April 23rd is the best Memorial date is that this same day died writers Miguel de Cervantes and William Shakespeare.


Started long ago in Catalonia but, since November 15th 1995, UNESCO declared April 23 rd as Book Day Calebration in the whole world.



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