San Juan – the perfect place for your new property

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San Juan is the perfect place for your new property if you are looking for seclusion and tranquility in your new home. San Juan is located on the outskirts of Ibiza and has, to this day (fortunately), hardly been touched by tourism. Here is where the”real” Ibizenkos live and thrive. The rural surroundings of San Juans are ideal for relaxation. In a house in San Juan you live in harmony with nature and can enjoy the beautiful views: the Mediterranean, flowering plants as far as the eye can see; Pretty Ibizan houses of white stone and dark wooden doors that extend along the cobblestone streets of the tranquil town … These houses sound good to you? Then you should buy your new property in San Juan. Our team of competent real estate brokers will be happy to help you choose your personal dream home.

Property with a spacious outdoor area (San Juan)

Modern villa with impressive property, San Juan, Ibiza

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When looking for the right property, you can rely entirely on the expertise of our local real estate agents. In a consultation, you will discuss your concrete ideas and wishes with regard to your future property. Our real estate agents will then present fantastic properties in the beautiful San Juan to you based on that.

Did you know that San Juan has one of Ibiza’s best seafood restaurants? The restaurant Can Gat is located on the pretty sandy beach of Cala San Vincente. It serves its guests fantastic local dishes in a breathtaking ambience.

Are you getting hungry for more? Then make an appointment with our real estate agents in Ibiza so that we can show you classy properties in San Juan. We look forward to your call.

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