Saving electricity made easy

“I will save more electricity in the coming year” This new year’s resolution will be heard ever so often in 2017. And that is a good thing. Not only does saving electricity save you money, it also has a positive impact on the environment. It contributes significantly to climate protection. After all, most electricity is still generated from fossil fuels such as coal, and from nuclear power. Here are some energy saving tips to help you keep your new year’s resolution.


hand with finger on light switch


Lights out

In as far as lighting is concerned, always switch off the light when nobody is in the room. Energy saving lamps consume up to 70 percent less electricity than ordinary light bulbs, saving you money. They do, however, contain toxic mercury, a hazardous waste. LED lights are more environmentally friendly. Although they are somewhat more expensive, they use 85 percent less energy.


Pull the plug

Leaving devices in standby mode often increases costs and environmental impact. For this reason, always unpower devices when unused or use a socket strip with power switch. In this way, all connected devices can be switched off at the push of a button. Other useful energy saving tips New flat screens often use up to 50 percent less energy than conventional screens, devices with direct mains connection use less energy than battery-operated devices, and monitors use electricity even when not in use. To save electricity, turn off your computer completely while not in use.


Saving electricity in the kitchen

Gas stoves and induction stoves use less electricity than conventional electric stoves. A kettle is even more cost-effective. To reduce the energy consumption of your fridge, set the temperature only as low as really necessary: Minus 18 is usually fine for the freezer compartment, while the fridge temperature can be kept at between 5 and 7 degrees. Only keep the door open for short periods of time. Regular defrosting can save you money and electricity. More energy saving tips for the kitchen: Use the right size hot plate for the pot and use a suitable lid when cooking.


Saving electricity: heaters and washing machines

You can save big on electricity by venting the heaters before the start of winter. The heating pump is also important: An old pump uses up to five times more electricity than a new high-efficiency pump. Washing machines and dishwashers should always be fully loaded, and the ECO program should be used. Reducing the washing temperature from 60º to 30º will reduce energy consumption by a third.


Green electricity and digital helpers

Nowadays, it is also possible to save electricity easily by using smart tools such as the free online software Econitor. The energy consumption of individual devices can be determined using an ammeter, which can be hired from many energy suppliers and is useful for detecting energy guzzlers. Changing your energy supplier once a year can also save you hundreds of euros. Switching to a green energy supplier is, of course, the best way to contribute to climate protection. In the meantime, many green energy suppliers have become cheaper than conventional suppliers.


How to find the right property for saving electricity

If you would like to put into practice the above-mentioned energy saving tips in an energy-efficient property, you can draw on the expertise and experience of Engel & Völkers. Visit our website for an extensive portfolio of real estate for sustainable living and electricity saving.

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