Seven kitchen trends to tap into for 2017

The new year brings with it a host of new design concepts. And as kitchen trends in 2017 are drawing on a subtle and classic aesthetic, it’s easy to create your own luxurious space for cooking and relaxing in with these simple ideas.

Seven kitchen trends to tap into for 2017

1. Contemporary country 

The interior design industry is blending some of the most popular and enduring kitchen trends in 2017: the ultra modern and the rural. To achieve this aesthetic, inject vintage-effect details such as mismatching bone china, antique wood and burnished metals into a slick monochrome or all-neutral designer kitchen. Whitewashed floorboards provide an extra dose of rustic charm.

2. Fade to grey

Warehouse chic is still the new black, but that needn’t mean painting your entire kitchen in a sombre tone. Keep the room cool and understated by opting for a subtle light-grey hue instead.

If you’re aiming to create a dip-dye effect on your walls, tend towards the slightest monochromatic difference in shades, ensuring the gradient variation is gentle.

3. Wooden wonders

Another way to bring the two-tone effect into your home is through decorative items or furnishings featuring different textures, stains and grains of wood.

Mix and match cupboard fronts, work tops and furniture, and don’t be afraid to juxtapose contrasting tones.

4. Colour splash

Paint your walls white and incorporate streaks of colour into the rest of your designer kitchen for a minimalistic look with a playful spin. Focus on minor details to imbue the space with personality: a tap in a sunflower hue; apple-green glassware or dinnerware; and scarlet cupboard door handles.

5. Pattern mix

Creative tiling is one of the most practical kitchen trends in 2017, and the focus is on fusing different styles. When choosing your backsplash and flooring, contrast the patterns, colours and shapes of your tiles for a lively look in your kitchen. Choose one matching element – Mediterranean hues, for example – to retain a sense of cohesion.

A popular pattern topping the list of kitchen trends in 2017 will be herringbone, in monochrome or muted matte colours.

6. Going green

There’s no relegate your plants to the garden. A modern kitchen can be elevated with just a touch of greenery, whether it’s a simple statement vertical planter or an entire leafy wall. Your kitchen will feel fresher thanks to this interior trend, with the natural hues infusing your décor with a calming atmosphere.

7. Quirky cork

As cork is such a warm and textural material, it adds an unexpected twist to a designer kitchen. Why not embrace it in full by using it to cover an entire statement wall? Alternatively, choose chairs, floating side tables and stools in this natural material to add a fun – yet functional – touch to your home.

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