In the shadows of the twelve towers: villas and fincas in Puerto Andratx

The origin of the port city Puerto Andratx in the south-west Mallorcan municipality of Andratx goes back to the early thirteenth century AD. Even today, the surroundings offer some exceptional villas and fincas offered for sale, featuring interesting remains of past centuries. In combination with the varied Mediterranean landscape and the wonderful climate of Mallorca, Andratx is a dreamlike environment that always offers new surprises for you.

When piracy in the Mediterranean became a growing problem in the 16th century, the region around Andratx was fortified with a defense system consisting of 14 defensive towers. To this day, twelve of these towers have been preserved, which you can visit in the municipality of Andratx and Calvià – a fascinating testimony of the past that has shaped the surroundings around your new villa.

An environment that could hardly be more beautiful: Eight mountains of different heights rise above the municipality of Andratx, which descends over some green valleys and hill chains to the sea and the harbor town of Puerto Andratx. With a population of about 3,000, this romantic fishing village is particularly popular with well-informed property buyers worldwide …

Villa of the extra class at night (Puerto Andratx)

High-end villa with stunning views, Puerto Andratx, Mallorca

Puerto Andratx: The best property location in the southern west

Puerto Andratx, which is traded in various circles as one of the most enchanting ports in Europe, is located in a bay lined with cliffs. A property location for connoisseurs: enjoy the gastronomy of Mallorca outside of your finca in the exquisite restaurants along the harbor promenade, watch the gorgeous sunsets on the horizon or stroll through the shops along the shopping street. In the meantime, a yacht club, several golf courses and the Centro Cultural Andratx – one of the best galleries for modern art in all of Spain – have settled here. The outstanding location meets matching property prices in Puerto Andratx: On average, more than four million euros are required when buying a villa or a finca on site.

The purchase of a finca or villa in Puerto Andratx holds its own individual future for everyone. But one thing is certain: here you will experience the maximum of cultivation and class that Mallorca has to offer.