Simple home staging ideas while you live there

When you sell a house, it’s likely that you’ll still be calling this property your home. This means that, while you pull together your home staging ideas to create a picture-perfect abode for your viewers to step into, your life will still be continuing under that same roof. Here are our top home staging tips to help your sale go smoothly.

Simple home staging ideas while you live there

Start early

Home staging is the first step in your removal process, so make sure you begin well in advance. With belongings to pack up, décor and layout changes to make and experts to consult, you’ll need a few weeks to decide how best to show off your property’s full potential.

Halve your belongings

For your future buyers to envisage themselves living in your home, everything that makes this property yours needs to go. Decluttering your house and reducing your belongings by 50% will not only open up room for imagination, but it will also make each interior look and feel bigger. Keep your wardrobes and drawers to a minimum – especially if they’re in-built and therefore are house-selling points – and put the bulk of your clothes into storage. One of our handy home staging tips is to use a big suitcase for your daily essentials that you can tuck out of the way when viewers come to see your property. Bikes, sports equipment, rarely-used crockery and excess furniture can all be transported to a storage unit.

Depersonalize and neutralise

Your home staging ideas need to find the perfect balance between being neutral and inviting. Now is the time to remove all but a couple of your photographs, calendars, idiosyncratic artworks and extravagant bed linens. Strip each interior back to its basics then begin again on a clean slate. This is an ideal opportunity to give your walls a fresh coat of paint in a warm cream or a soft grey shade. Add a few hints of colour here and there with a welcoming Turkish rug placed under your coffee table, or an ornate carpet runner leading your viewers from the front door and down the hallway. Throw cushions, blankets and vases of fresh flowers are all homely additions that add just the right amount of texture without creating clutter.

Create a story

When thinking about your home staging ideas, try to craft them around a storyline. This means that, rather than banishing all signs of life from your property, try embracing them. Before visitors arrive, lay your dining table as if you were holding a celebration, bake some cupcakes and lay them out to cool in the kitchen, or add bright pieces of fruit to a bowl on your countertop; oranges, limes and lemons are ideal as they stay fresh and have a pleasing citrus smell. Throughout the rest of your house, scatter a couple of well-chosen design or coffee-table books and magazines or bunches of flowers on tabletops and windowsills.

Stick to a routine

Living in your home while you’re arranging your home staging ideas means building a routine and planning ahead. Hire a cleaner or create a rota to stick to so your home remains pristine throughout the selling process. Make plans for being out of the way during viewings and, if you have pets, house them with a friend or relative at least on showing days.

Before you start implementing your home staging ideas, it’s a good idea to consult a professional and have an estate agent value your property. From here, you can then use your home’s value to determine whether you want to renovate before you sell, and what features are best to highlight with your innovative staging ideas.

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