Smart home ideas to increase the value of your property

Getting smart with property value has taken on a whole new meaning in recent years. From fridges to kettles, today’s luxury homes are filled with smart appliances that use different levels of connectivity to manage and facilitate your living environment. However, it’s not just about utilities. When asking yourself “how do I increase the value of my home?” one answer lies in this world of responsive and communicative smart technology.

Smart home ideas to increase the value of your property

This new wave of household tech is not only changing how we define what makes a luxury property, but by integrating smart home ideas into your house, you could rapidly increase your potential asking price.

Smart garden maintenance

The concept of self-sufficient gardens that remain lush and neat without continual maintenance is not only an alluring one for many homeowners, but it’s also a practical idea for those with second properties. Smart home ideas have reached past our four walls and are now being applied to sprinklers and irrigation systems. Even when there’s no-one home, your lawn and flower beds can be watered on a timer or from a distance, which is ideal for anyone who owns a holiday home or leads a busy life. Smart dripping systems help sustain multi-level pots and beds without over-watering, so your garden looks at its finest for property viewings. Having technology like this in place already appeals to high-end buyers looking for their beach or country retreat, and therefore easily works to increase property value.

State-of-the-art locks

Beyond your inviting front yard and your home’s curb appeal, the next port of call your potential buyer will notice, is the front door. As well as giving the wood a new coat of a colourful gloss – we would recommend a firebrick red or forest green – and the knocker a thorough polish, another way of adding instant appeal to your door is installing smart locks. Like most smart home ideas, this security system connects and can be accessed from your smartphone. Not only does this allow you to monitor your home while you’re away, but this intelligent system unlocks for you on your approach.

There’s also a clever guestbook facility, which lets you leave custom notes for other visitors. This is a great way to communicate with your real estate agent when they are conducting viewings.

Responsive lighting

Lighting is an integral part of home presentation, and when done right, it can increase property value. However, this isn’t merely a matter of creating a certain ambience. Smart home ideas regarding lighting include both internal and external models that can be turned on and adjusted remotely, and they even self-adjust according to the time of day. Since they also act as security measures in making it seem like someone is home, many potential buyers who travel regularly search for properties with these features already installed.

When asking “how do I increase the value of my home?” it’s time to talk to the professionals. Head over to our residential search page to get a feel for similar homes on the market. When you’re ready to go to market, Engel & Völkers can advise on the best strategies for ensuring a quick and easy home sale.

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