Smashing homes with tennis courts

Game, set and match, and all in the comfort of your own house. Homes with tennis courts are seeing an increase in popularity – and for good reason. For avid fans of the sport, there’s no greater luxury than knowing you can head straight outside to play on a sunny morning or make the most of a long summer’s evening with your favourite activity.

Smashing homes with tennis courts

There are also several other advantages to homes with tennis courts, from their relatively low maintenance to their enhanced privacy. Here’s a breakdown of why they appeal to purveyors of the luxury lifestyle.

They offer privacy

The allure of a personal tennis court is in the exclusivity it offers. Who wouldn’t enjoy guaranteed prime court access at any time of day? The joy of being able to play on a whim, without needing to pack a kit bag and leave the house, is only heightened by the peace and quiet experienced in your own backyard. This privacy also turns homes with tennis courts into fantastic social hubs, whether you’re planning a friendly tournament or simply having a few acquaintances over to play doubles in a setting that’s a cut above your usual tennis club.

They’re perfect for warmer countries

In a location like Mallorca, with its warm early springs and long hot summers, heading out for a spot of tennis is an excellent way to make the most of the balmy weather. This family house in the countryside of Santa Maria del Cami, with its luxurious full-size courts, is perfect for practicing your volleys. You can watch Murray and Federer on the big screen, then recreate the magic at your own pace without leaving your home.

They’re low maintenance 

While a swimming pool requires significant upkeep, homes with tennis courts are lower maintenance. If your property already has a pool, like our Tuscan Villa in Vancouver, Canada, then adding an artificial tennis court – as this family house features – won’t require too much extra fuss.

They provide a flexible space

Thanks to their forgiving surfaces, clay tennis courts can also be appropriated for other activities, from impromptu ball games to early morning workouts. As a result, homes with tennis courts are a sound investment, even if you don’t quite feel like a rally every day of the summer. 

Depending on the size of you courts, you could even jog around the perimeter; the enclosure at our Manor House in the Tramontana Valley, Mallorca, for example, is surrounded by blissful greenery for a relaxing run.

Smashing homes with tennis courts

Besides these three desirable homes with tennis courts in Mallorca and Vancouver, we at Engel & Völkers have a variety of properties with fantastic leisure opportunities in countries all over the world. We also have a number of family houses listed with large outdoor spaces that are ideal for future development. Why not start scouting out a luxury home featuring your own personal Wimbledon with our property search?

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