Spring cleaning checklist

Winter has passed and the birds are singing again, marking the start of a new season: the time is right to let a fresh breeze into your home. Our spring cleaning tips will help you turn the unpleasant task of spring cleaning into a detox for your home and soul.

Spring cleaning checklist

1. Preparation

Before reaching for your feather duster, it is generally a good idea to carefully inspect the rooms beforehand and set priorities, or precisely determine the exact needs. This will allow you to estimate the effort required, and plan in enough time. Nothing is more frustrating than, at the end of the cleaning day, feel like nothing much has been achieved.

Furthermore, time pressure will make you more prone to accidents. Make a list of everything that needs to be done – room by room – as you will also be cleaning room by room afterwards. Also ensure that you have all the necessary cleaning materials and utensils on hand. All-purpose cleaner, washing-up liquid, scrubbing milk as well as a lemon or vinegar based cleaning agents are the best measure against any kind of dirt. Go easy on the environment and do without aggressive chemical detergents.

2. Sorting

Another important preparatory measure is to sort out everything that is no longer needed. Regardless of whether you are dealing with a kitchen drawer, a bookshelf or a wardrobe – cleaning becomes much easier if you weed out the unnecessary, the old and the unused before starting. Throw out any material baggage, and make space for something new. Things too precious to throw away could also be donated to a charitable institution.

3. Clean one room at a time

It is easiest to clean one room at a time. Focus on a particular area, then you will always see that you have actually made progress. It is recommendable to remove coarse dirt first before commencing with easier tasks such as dusting. Wet floor cleaning should only be done after all the other tasks have been completed.

4. Drawers and shelves

After removing and sorting out content, clean your cupboards with a damp cloth and a little washing-up liquid. In case of stubborn kitchen stains, use scrubbing milk. Before putting anything back, make sure that the storage surfaces have dried. Otherwise, this may cause waterlogging in the wood, or even mould.

5. Windows

Decide for yourself whether you want to clean the windows as part of the room cleaning procedure, or whether you want to carry out window cleaning in a separate procedure. But always open the windows in each room before cleaning to let in sunlight. There are many different types of window cleaning agents. Normally, it is sufficient to simply use warm water, vinegar water and newspaper for streak-free cleaning. Don’t forget to clean the window sills and frames, and wash the curtains.

6. Follow-up work

After completing your spring-clean, take the time to redecorate your space. Exchange photos, rearrange your collector’s items, and buy fresh flowers. This will really turn your home cleaning into a starting signal for the new season. Continue reading These cleaning tips relate in particular to annual spring-cleaning, and will bring sparkle to your home in no time. Read our blog for more tips on how to design and decorate your home and garden.

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