Suitable design ideas for small rooms

Small, but smart: Small apartments and homes are more in trend than ever. Especially when you regularly work in different cities that are away from the focus of your private life, you will be looking for practical and manageable solutions in terms of living space without wanting to compromise aesthetics or sophistication.

Suitable design ideas for small rooms

At the same time, these small living spaces beg the question: What would be the smartest way to furnish them? What design ideas would be suitable? Use the spatial restrictions to your advantage and use our interior design tips to transform your small spaces into cosy oases of minimalism.

1. Be practical

If you only have little space to work with, it is necessary to set priorities. Forget conventional conceptions about what an apartment is supposed to look like. If you are on the move much of the time, you do not need a spacious living area, maybe not even an extra workspace. If you enjoy having friends over, you should plan in enough room for a sufficiently sized kitchen, but can possibly do without a sofa landscape.

2. Create storage space

The topic of storage space is often underrated, even if enough space is available. Put custom-made shelving in areas under roof slopes, and use a bed base for storage purposes. Decorative elements can be arranged creatively on open shelves and serve as eye-catcher without cramping the room any further. Buy furniture with smart storage options – cupboards that are too tiny will make your rooms appear even smaller.

3. Let in light

Use light colours, mirrors and reflecting material such as glass and metal to make your rooms look bigger. Choose light curtains that let in plenty of sunlight. Well placed wall spots and illuminated shelves will not only highlight your collector’s items, but will also make the room appear larger.

4. Multifunctionality

Multifunctional furniture saves a lot of space. Escritoires, sofa beds and stools with storage space keep your apartment looking tidy and make room for other items. Always ensure that new purchases complement your living habits. Otherwise, although gaining additional area, you might lose your nerve with repurposing.

5. Strive for distinctness

Using too many contrasting colours and patterns will make a small room appear cluttered. Choose one main colour and one to two accent colours, and colour match your furniture and walls accordingly. Stick to plain materials, as an eclectic mix of materials only looks good in a large enough area.

6. Tidiness

Keep your space neat and tidy, and don’t leave anything lying around, if possible. Things stored in open storage spaces should always be folded meticulously or rolled up decoratively. Magazines and books that are sorted in stacks look more like designer objects, and other items, too, appear calmer if grouped together.

7. Be minimalistic

Having little space should not be seen as a shortcoming, but a virtue. Enjoy sorting out what you no longer need, and giving or throwing it away. In spring, you can make room by storing away your winter clothes and blankets. Reducing to the essential can do wonders for your soul.

If you are looking for more design ideas for small rooms, we have compiled another article on the topic. If you are searching for a new home – be it big or small – you can count on Engel & Völkers being there for you, every step of the way, in 32 countries around the world.

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