Summer gardening hacks for August

With your garden awash with foliage and colour and your home flooded with light, summer is a good time to show your house at its best. If you’re looking to sell your property this August, make sure your outdoor area is in mint condition with a few quick and expert gardening hacks.

Summer gardening hacks for August

Ensure pots remain cool

Those long hot days of summer can wreak havoc on our plants, especially on those in heat-retaining terracotta pots. One garden hack is to stand these natural pots on a shallow tray of damp sand, as this helps them stay cooler than if they were kept in water alone. Then place these pots around your front door stoop or your back terrace out of the sunshine and water then either in the morning or in the evening. This will help ensure your blooms last longer against the trials of those hot August days.

Allow lawns to grow

Contrary to popular belief, cutting your lawn low and early won’t do it any favours. When you’re trying to sell or let a property, your lawn needs to look green, verdant and inviting to your viewers. Therefore, one of the best garden hacks is to set your lawn mower to its longest setting and allow your grass to thicken. This will help it cope better with heat and will also make it more drought-resistant.

Protect new plants

New additions to your summer garden won’t have had a chance to harden against higher temperatures yet. Just as winter gardening hacks suggest protecting your seedlings from frost, shelter your summer younglings with old net curtains, palm fronds or leafy branches for a week or two to help them root and establish themselves.

Remove the deadheads

When you’re looking to sell or let out your home, you’ll want the flowers in your garden to be in full bloom ready to impress visitors. Removing dried heads from summer bloomers is an ongoing summer garden hack that encourages fresh growth and new flowers right into the autumn. While making the morning rounds of your favourite flowerbeds, gently pick off the spent buds, but equally select a few stems to bring inside and add a burst of colour to your dinner table or your entrance hall.

Seed for the autumn

As with all gardening hacks, the smartest ones require you to plan ahead for the next season. When you harvest your summer edible plants, immediately replace them with autumn crops like spinach, lettuce and other greens, depending on the region in which you live. You can also begin to sow autumn flowering bulbs in amongst your summer blooms ready to spread some glorious late September colour. Planning your beds ahead of time is more than just a gardening hack: it will add curb appeal come the autumn, if you decide to put off your house sale a little while longer.

If you’re looking to sell or let your property, read more about how to maximise your curb appeal using your garden, or contact one of our Engel & Völkers property experts for further real estate advice.

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