Things real estate agents should be doing for home sellers

Markets fluctuate and technology evolves, but one fact in the world of real estate remains the same: home sellers need real estate agents like bread needs butter. Some agents may see their job as a sales role, but they’d be mistaken. The secret to being a successful agent lies in the knowledge that the industry is all about service. As much as agents need to sell houses, they mainly need to keep their clients happy.

Things agents should be doing for home sellers

Here, we’ve put together the five things you should look for when finding a real estate agent.

1. An accurate valuation

When preparing your home for sale, the first thing you need to consider is price. For this reason the valuation will often be the first time you meet your potential real estate agent. An accurate valuation is essential to a prompt and pleasing sale, but this is also the agent’s opportunity to make a strong first impression on you.

There’s a reason we say the most ‘accurate’ and not ‘highest’ too. Undervaluation of a property will leave you at a disadvantage, creating insufficient funds to move up the property ladder. Conversely, too high a price can lead to drawn out sale periods, ultimately harming the final figure achieved.

2. A just presentation of your home

While the internal presentation of the home is down to you, it’s the service of a real estate agent to present the property on paper and online. This means employing professional copywriters and photographers to create an outstanding file of particulars. Accept nothing less than the agent who can present your home to its full potential.

3. Creative marketing

In today’s market, simply putting a property in the houses listings in windows and online is not enough. With fierce competition, real estate agents need to do all they can to market each and every property on their books. This means harnessing all kinds of home selling resources – from social media channels to open days. Look for the agent who will leave no stone unturned.

4. Professional representation

When a real estate agent is attending a viewing they’re representing you. That means it’s important they’re professional in everything from tone to dress. When finding real estate agents, sellers need to know that they can trust them to wow prospective buyers.

5. Flawless communication

Most home sellers like to be kept in the loop. If things are going well, you should know about it. This will allow you to get on with your own search for a new property. Equally, you should be informed if the market is slow. At this stage, it’s the agent’s job to advise on strategies to lure in new prospective buyers and – in rare circumstances – broach the subject of lowering the price tag.

At Engel & Völkers we know finding real estate agents can be stressful. That’s why each of our property experts is meticulously trained in smoothing the purchasing process for both home sellers and buyers. To find out more about our luxury properties all over the world, contact our talented team today.

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