Traditional Country Houses and Luxury Fincas in Majorca

Majorca – a place to awaken the senses, after months of Winter. Blue skies, the vast ocean and charming landscapes: Where better to go and relax? The well-earned luxury of time out on one of the most beautiful islands in the world is best enjoyed in a stylish finca or country house.

Country Houses and Luxury Fincas in Majorca

Even the estates know their style

The island is not short of opportunities for a luxurious retreat in the country. There are plenty of fincas, country houses and magnificent manor houses where exhausted city-dwellers can live “like kings in Majorca”. Anyone who thinks that all fincas and country houses are created equal is wrong: As with style and fashion, Mediterranean living also has trends and new developments.

Country Houses and Luxury Fincas in Majorca

Fincas – from classically Mediterranean to modern

A few years ago, luxury fincas in Majorca were furnished in an opulent, classic country house style: lots of terracotta, rustic forms, uniform colour schemes for fabrics and materials. This placed an emphasis on the holiday aspect in the foreground: The villa in Majorca should differ distinctly from the headquarters on the Alster in Hamburg.

The trend has been going in a different direction for some time. If you want to enjoy Mediterranean living, it’s time to look increasingly at modern style. Straight lines interspersed with striking pieces form the design here. The whole thing is completed by a desire for more individuality and creativity: You’re unlikely to find a modern finca or grandiose manor house on the island without personal touches.

These new tastes may have something to do with the changing habits of finca lovers. While luxurious country houses used to be something for a summer retreat, many of them are now being used longer or even all year round. This requires different furnishing. Whether you want something classic or modern: At Engel & Völkers you can find important suggestions and numerous fine houses and villas to buy in Majorca.

Country Houses and Luxury Fincas in Majorca

The manor house of your dreams in the Tramuntana Mountains

The possibilities for a retreat in a villa in Majorca shimmer between classically rustic and cool modern. The luxury sector also has a wide range, from fine fincas for family holidays to exquisite manor houses with large hunting grounds.

Our premium property in the idyllic Tramuntana mountains leaves nothing to be desired. The manor house lies in a heavenly location, nestled among breathtaking nature and picturesque olive groves, skillfully blending tradition and modernity. The stone walls, the large panoramic terraces with their pillars and decorative vases are enough to inspire all fans of fincas. The azure blue pool with a view over the Mediterranean landscape, the mirror-like marble floor with elegant chessboard look and the fitness room delight lovers of modernity and comfort.

Country Houses and Luxury Fincas in Majorca

Numerous dream fincas to buy in Majorca

Whether you prefer the classically rustic style of country houses or modern fincas: At Engel & Völkers you’ll find countless first class houses to buy in Spain. Take a look at our range – nothing’s stopping you from finding the perfect refuge in the southern sun.

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