Vibrant colours and elegant minimalism – 2017 colour trends

Interior designers use sophisticated colour concepts to create stylish and expressive living spaces and highlight the unique atmosphere of a given space. Oriental red, minimalist grey or cool blue – the creativity potential is unlimited. But you do not need an interior designer to influence the ambience of your home through the targeted use of colours. Be inspired by the 2017 colour trends and bring your home up to date – let us introduce you to this year’s colours and show you how to make the best use of them.

Colours and minimalism - 2017 colour trends

Bright colours for a fresh new look

Petrol, aqua, royal blue … Due to its many shades, blue is highly popular and can be integrated easily into an existing colour concept. The iridescent colour bestows a sense of depth and subtle calmness, ensuring a feelgood atmosphere. This effect unfolds fully in areas of rest. Combine this colour with other design trends: it goes well with green, grey as well as natural tones.

Other current trends include the warm colours orange and red. Orange radiates warmth, energy and happiness. The positive energy of this colour is ideal for rooms in which you want to create an upbeat environment, such as the kitchen or bathroom. Red, the dominant colour of passion, bestows a sense of luxury and extravagance. For this reason and due to its stimulating effect, it is often used in restaurants. Thus, it is also suitable for use in the dining room. It should, however, not be used in areas of rest.

Another bold, trendy colour: green. Or, to be precise: greenery, a light green that should only be used in small doses, as it does tend to become somewhat overwhelming if used on walls or large furnishings.
Use small decor items such as vases or lamps in this colour instead, as this will allow you to set trendy colour accents and slowly get used to the colour. If you are prepared to make extensive use of bold colours, we recommend using black accessories. These have a calming effect on your interior.

Discrete natural tones and elegant grey

If dominant colours are not to your liking, you could also use one of the more discrete colours that are trending in 2017. Choose tone-in-tone styling for a modern and timeless look. For more variety, use different materials and surfaces. Colour tones such as pink ‘Rose Quartz’, for example, harmonise well with baby blue ‘Serenity’.

If you are looking for something a little less frisky, use discrete natural tones for your interior instead. Sand, creme or light brown tones are easy to combine and also go well with bolder colours. These discreet colours bestow a relaxed and homely ambience to your rooms. If you want to accentuate the natural flair of the colours, choose decor items that further bring out the natural character, e.g. grasses, feathers or twigs.

Use grey to achieve understatement and elegance – the colour is becoming increasingly popular in interior design. This puristic colour is perfect for industrial design style interiors and can be combined with all colours, which is why it is well suited for use together with the bolder colours of this year’s colour trend.

As you can see, the 2017 colour trend is made up of both discreet colour tones and strong, vibrant colours, providing you with a wealth of inspiration for realising your design ideas. So be bold and let a fresh breeze into your home – be it in the form of a new overall colour concept or by using targeted colour accents.

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