The vital importance of real estate training

Possibly in every business sector the personal key to being successful, standing out from the competition and always be up-to-date lies in professional initial and continuous education. We from Engel & Völkers believe that continuing your real estate education after you qualify is essential to thriving in the field. That is why we offer in our Engel & Völkers Academy a wide range of opportunities to develop in the real estate career through tailored courses.

The vital importance of real estate training

Here we delve into the reasons why you should always embark on further real estate training and show you can profit from the in-house training opportunities at Engel & Völkers.

To stay ahead of the game

Jobs in real estate are becoming ever more competitive, the market is more crowded and trainees just starting out in the industry are required to work even harder to push themselves ahead of their competitors. Besides finding yourself a niche and becoming a local expert, taking supplementary real estate training and courses will make sure your eye is always on the prize.

To lure discerning customers

The internet is saturated with information on the property market, so it’s easy for a potential client to believe they can sell or purchase a home without consulting a trained agent. And even if they do intend to a hire an expert, why they should sift you out from the competition?

Qualifications from real estate training are an indicator that instantly sets you apart, proving you’re not only motivated but that you’re up to date on the industry. They also show that you’re at the top of your game – and that’s definitely appealing to customers.

To keep up with technology

When becoming a real estate agent you’ll notice that there are a plethora of new technologies that have evolved to help you connect with others and to enhance the effectiveness of your business. This wave of innovation isn’t slowing down, and with tech constantly emerging, it’s difficult to differentiate which apps and services could revolutionise your real estate career. To stay abreast of any developments, up-to-date real estate training is advisable.

To improve your daily practices

The reasons why it is worthwhile, to learn constantly while enjoying a real estate career is on the one hand that you are able to earn while you learn. One the other hand it is proven that those who apply knowledge in the real world while simultaneously learning in a classroom environment improve faster. It also strengthens your business and daily practices after becoming a real estate agent while adding an extra qualification to your arsenal.

Your success is important to us

At Engel & Völkers we provide our employees with in-house real estate training opportunities so they can get the best start in the real estate business. Furthermore every employee can make use of continuous training sessions within our global academy programme with courses offered in a variety of locations.

Discover as well on our career page how you can join Engel & Völkers and benefit from our opportunities in real estate education.

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