How to work with an interior designer

Have you recently moved into a home with dated avocado-hued walls or bland, stark white fixtures? When your property is in need of refurbishment, you may be wondering how to work with an interior designer to achieve the desired result.

How to work with an interior designer
Your home is a reflection of you, which is why you don’t want to leave it in just anyone’s hands. Finding the right fit is important both in terms of artistic sensibilities and communication styles. Here’s a closer look at how to hire an interior designer who will work with you in harmony to create your ideal home.

1. Understand what an interior designer does

Using art and design, decorators are experts at integrating the client’s style and desires into an aesthetically cohesive finished space. The ideal result should be a home that’s curated to match your personal sensibilities and household needs. From simple consulting to assistance with shopping and styling, a designer can scale their services up or down depending on your needs.

2. Refine your interior vision

To best determine how to work with an interior designer, you must first define your own stylistic visions. This gives your decorator some parameters to work within. Think about interiors you gravitate towards whether these are rooms with natural elements like stone and woodwork, or sleek, minimalist spaces in neutral tones.

3. Find a designer with compatible style references

With your own vision refined, you’ll be able to start determining how to hire an interior designer. Compare online portfolios to find a designer with an aesthetic that you connect with. Once you’ve narrowed down the field, invite the designer to walk through your space for an informal interview. You want to find a decorator you will be able to trust, which is why communication is such an important component of how to work with an interior designer.

4. Lay out a clear contract

As part of any working relationship, you must define expectations from both parties. This can be achieved by drawing up a contract stating all services and fees. Interior designers may charge hourly fees, a percentage of the total labour costs, or even a flat fee for the entire project.

5. Work on a ballpark budget

For designers to do their job properly, they must know what type of budget they can work with. Your budget will determine whether they can afford authentic mid-century furnishings or replicas. If you’re unsure of what the costs will be for home furnishings, discuss your expectations beforehand so you can arrive at a ballpark figure together.

6. Be realistic about timelines

The time frame needed will depend on whether you’re hiring a designer for a simple styling job or a wide-scale refurbishment. This could range from days to years. Get started by browsing our property listings to get a feel for existing interior schemes. To furnish a typical house from scratch, interior designers generally need between six and nine months. This includes time for client decision making as well as shopping, styling, repairs and custom furnishings.

Find a decorator with the appropriate skill set and you can transform your interior spaces and immeasurably improve your life. Keep these tips regarding how to work with an interior designer in mind in order to bring life and colour into your home.

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