Why you should work in a luxury office

Offices are no longer just the four walls and roof under which your business resides. Now, the office suite you occupy – and how you choose to arrange and decorate it – says a lot about your brand identity and your company image. An office space that aims to amaze and inspire can help to influence both your employees and your clients in a positive way, which is why it’s important to avoid cutting any corners.

Why you should work in a luxury office

To motivate your workforce and impress your customers, here are a few ways you can create a luxury office environment for your business.

Light, bright and open plan

Finding and creating the right luxury office needs begin during your search for a space. That way it’s easier to pick out an inner city spot with plenty of desirable features, such as high ceilings, large windows and any period decorative points that give the illusion of grandeur. To make the most of the space, and to help your team feel more communal and friendly, you can then give the area an open plan layout.

Open plan offices help cultivate idea-sharing and teamwork between employees, and equally allow your clients eye to sweep across the whole breadth of the office as they enter the building. That said, there are times when privacy is important in an office suite. Glass walls dividing off meeting rooms and managerial offices can help create quiet and private areas for discussions and conference calls, and retractable blinds can add another level of seclusion.

This Barcelona office provides a fine example of how public and private spaces can create a balance in a luxury office. High ceilings give ample space for office dividers and decorative shelves and lighting, which all help to form a pleasant and creative working environment.

Panoramic views

When it comes to choosing a luxury office space, the walls are never the limit. Opting for an elevated spot above the city skyline with panoramic views is a major draw for both employees and clients alike. Sweeping views have a way of opening up interior spaces by extending them, and therefore bringing light and the illusion of increased space to a room.

When clients visit your office for the first time, the view can serve as an ice-breaker and a point of conversation. Equally, having an impressive view is always indicative of a company’s status – after all, not every business can secure this kind of real estate with such a breathtaking backdrop.

Why you should work in a luxury office

Garden spaces

If you’re on the ground floor or have access to a balcony or roof area, there’s an opportunity here to add a natural element to your office space. Planting a garden or investing in a collection of potted plants for your terrace helps to provide a healthy and tranquil area for your staff to unwind during their breaks, and also offers a place to hold functions and client parties after hours.

This high-end Malta office features a large terrace area with lush greenery, a view of the sea, plenty of seating and even a hot tub.

Work-free zones

Most forward-thinking companies these days understand that their employees need time to unwind in order to be at their most productive during working hours. One way to facilitate this is to provide work-free zones inside your luxury office. The type of entertainment or comfort facilities you offer will depend on your company image and the desires of your employees. Common features of work-free zones include ping-pong tables, drinks bars and even exercise areas. Engel and Völkers specialise in high-end property, in both residential and commercial markets. Visit the Engel & Völkers website for more professional advice on housing your business, and to see the latest offices on the market.

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