Co-Living revolutionises residential property market

Co-Working has meanwhile become a fairly commonly known term: self-employed entrepreneurs and start-ups operate side by side in a creative and inspiring environment. Seeing as the office market has just been revolutionised, the residential property market is next. After all, the latest trend is called: Co-Living! 


Co-Living: the idea as such

The Co-Living movement had its origins in California. This is hardly surprising, seeing as cities like San Francisco are also considered to be the hotbed of tech enterprises and start-ups. High rents and immense traffic congestion meet creative young heads, giving rise to the idea of establishing flat-sharing communities.

The all-in principle

Co-Living creates a home for people living in big cities. The all-inclusive package offers a great deal more than only a fully fitted apartment, since the integrated common areas and community activities enable kindred spirits to network and inspire each other.  Depending on the provider, the services range from cleaning and an own laundry all the way through to a really hip rooftop bar or common sport courses. In addition to the efficient use of reserves, the need for social contacts also constitues a central aspect of Co-Living!

Flat-sharing Community 2.0: a roaring success story across the globe

This contemporary style of living has meanwhile also reached Copenhagen, Berlin and other metropolises. One of the biggest Co-Living providers is the Medici Living Group, whose „Quarters“ project allows young people in New York and Berlin to find living space in prime inner city locations. A number of colleagues from Engel & Völkers Commercial recently also managed to obtain a first impression of this innovative solution for shared living in comfort. Considering the Generation Y in particular, Co-Living certainly reflects is a sign of the times and will probably continue to revolutionise the residential property market even further!


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