Spring cleaning checklist

Winter has passed and the birds are singing again, marking the start of a new season: the time is right to let …

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NZZ Residence Interview with Christian Völkers: “1,200 new real estate agents by the end of the year”

In an interview just published in the Swiss real estate and living magazine “NZZ Residence”, Christian Völkers, CEO/ Founder of Engel & …

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Mo Ventus – the luxurious passive house of the future

A zero energy house that does not look like one: The main living area of Mo Ventus is made entirely of glass. …

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The return of the brick house

Every industry experiences trends, and the world of architecture is no different. From the enduring appeal of the Gothic to the fleeting …

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The transformative powers of built-in bookshelves

Who doesn’t covet a home library? Whether you’re aiming to create a space-saving solution or are looking to construct a decorative feature …

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