European Smart Cities: Linz auf Platz 9…

… dicht gefolgt von Salzburg auf Platz 10!


Why smart cities?

Against the background of economic and technological changes caused by the globalization and the

integration process, cities in Europe face the challenge of combining competitiveness and sustainable urban development simultaneously. Very evidently, this challenge is likely to have an impact on issues of Urban

Quality such as housing, economy, culture, social and environmental conditions.

This project, however, does not deal with the leading European metropolises but with medium-sized cities

and their perspectives for development. Even though the vast majority of the urban population lives in such

cities, the main focus of urban research tends to be on the ‘global’ metropolises. As a result, the challenges

of medium-sized cities, which can be rather different, remain unexplored to a certain degree. Medium-sized

cities, which have to cope with competition of the larger metropolises on corresponding issues, appear to

be less well equipped in terms of critical mass, resources and organizing capacity.




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