Banner Designer

Online banners have become an essential tool for Internet advertising. Their advantage is that they show a product with images and can therefore generate an emotional response. Animations on banners provide movement on the website which significantly increases user awareness. With Banner Designer, you can now create your own customised set of online banners.



Creating your own online banners

You can now design your own customised online banners quickly and easily for the properties you are marketing. You can select the appropriate format for the advertising space from a range of standard formats. You can then customise the banners with text and image elements. Using the simplified drag & drop user interface, you can add photos of properties from your online property profiles and scroll the image. Last but not least, add your contact details and an eye-catching Call2Action button.



How to get the most out of online banners

When designing the banners, ensure that the content is precisely in line with the target landing page. This will increase user interaction and there will be fewer exits from your website. For example, you can design banners which refer to your entire online portfolio of property profiles, or to a single, specific property profile. The applications of online banners are very diverse. They can be used for advertising space bookings on property portals, for example, or for direct cooperations with advertising partners.