Content Database

Successful content marketing relies on informative and eye-catching content. With the right content, you will attract prospective buyers and acquire new customers.



Individual content for all your online channels

Publish content that is tailored to your region to make sure the topic are relevant for your customers. For this purpose, make use of the option to use the database to easily position your own content in form of articles, images or video on your landing page, your social media accounts or other channels such as the newsletter.



Customisation of pre-prepared content

If you are lacking the time to create your own content, simply choose your desired content from the many provided topics and articles. We regularly add new articles in various languages for personal use. You also have the option to take out long-term subscriptions for editorial content and benefit from having relevant content posted on your landing page at all times. The provided topics and articles can of course be customised and combined with a lead form and property details if used to market properties.



User interface optimisation

The new content database impresses with its user-friendliness. It is structured very clearly and, from a practical point of view, the content can be selected intuitively. If you still need assistance, please find the links to the answers and tutorials directly in the database in E&V Life.


Why switch?

In addition to the aforementioned benefits and improvements in the new Web CMS, there are also other important changes. Here you will find an overview of the main changes:



  • Social Media packages: from 299€ onwards
  • Limited selection of content
  • Inconvenient interface
  • Limited use of content
  • Recurrent need to choose content
  • Linking objects to content only for centrally operated articles



Included in Digital Packages


Unlimited selection of multilingual content


Optimisation of interface


Optional use of content for langing pages, social media and further online channels like newsletter


Editorially enhanced thematic channels for easy selection of content


Linking objects to all articles