The new Engel & Völkers Web CMS

Every website is founded on the content management system, i.e. the processing system (short Web CMS). This system is used to manage the content of all websites. Its functionality has a direct impact on the websites’ effectiveness, because CMS users, on the one hand, want to be able to upload content without fuss and visitors, on the other, need to be able to quickly find the information they require. The user-friendliness of the system is therefore crucial – and the new Web CMS doesn’t disappoint:



Easy to use

As systems with added functionality are becoming increasingly popular, their complexity increases too: a multitude of buttons and menu items are sure to scare away users in no time. A user-friendly Web CMS therefore needs to offer the option to hide all superfluous features and ensure that it is intuitive to use. Familiar processes make work easier: simply click on the area to be edited and enter a text or upload any file from your computer. The user interface of the new Web CMS is clearly laid out to ensure that the system is easy to navigate even by unexperienced users.



New design with custom subpages

The new Web CMS lets you create subpages on custom topics and in different languages. Visitors to your landing page will also see some changes when the new Web CMS is launched. As requested by many licence partner, the navigation of the header area has been optimised. Instead of the generic Engel & Völkers AG content, they now feature your subpages as navigation points. As a result, visitors no longer accidentally switch to the home page, but stay on the licence partner’s landing page. In addition, all landing pages will be provided with a custom logo in the new CMS to allow visitors to better identify each location.



Individual rights management

The new rights management ensures that your landing page is securely maintained: users can be assigned different rights, depending on their task or position. This means that blog posts or other content changes can be saved as drafts and later reviewed and, where appropriate, approved for publication by the landing page administrator.



Experience and support

To ensure that the user-friendliness of the new Engel & Völkers landing page Web CMS, it underwent a thorough quality assurance process beforehand. Here, we were supported by a number of shops who beta-tested the system and checked it for errors.

Should any questions arise nonetheless, the new landing page Web CMS contains an extensive and clear FAQ section, which is always displayed on the right-hand side of the screen. Questions can be answered at any time. In-depth training materials in E&V life are linked directly to the system so that even first-time users can quickly find their way around.


Why switch?

In addition to the aforementioned benefits and improvements in the new Web CMS, there are also other important changes. Here you will find an overview of the main changes:



  • Inconvenient interface
  • Main navigation containing generic Engel & Völkers AG content
  • Set-up fee from third language onwards
  • No individual subpages
  • No rights management
  • Inconvenient set-up and management of widgets
  • No individual career page



Intuitive interface with onsite editor


Individual header with navigation points of your subpages


Free set-up option of additional languages


Free set-up option of individual subpages


Individual management of rights to access the CMS


Simplified set-up and management of widgets


Individual career page with individual job offers