Newsletter Tool

As a business owner, you should reach your customers wherever they are: a newsletter is a professional and reliable tool to keep customers informed about news and offers. Our new Newsletter Tool is going to make preparing and sending out your customer newsletter easier than ever, and also provides you with pre-prepared content in different languages.



Operation and content

The simplified user interface of the Newsletter Tool makes it a lot easier for you to create and send out your newsletter. Our aim is to encourage more licence partners to use the Newsletter Tool, because newsletter continue to be one of the most important and effective components of our active communication with existing and potential customers.

When you choose your topics, you can now conveniently fall back on pre-prepared content in four languages. Naturally, can also add your own property details and thus market your properties at the same time without imposing on the recipient.



Use your content as a targeted campaign

When you order the digital package, there will be no further costs for the newsletter. Your newsletter can be distributed to an unlimited number of recipients as part of your campaigns. Send out your newsletter regularly and to all your recipients. Make use of the option to address different groups of recipients, e.g. search customers or owners, with different content. We actively support you in the successful deployment of e-mail marketing.



Measure your success

We will send you a monthly report so you can measure the effectiveness of your newsletter. To this end, we have set up an interface to Google Analytics to allow you to check which articles were read by your recipients. Based on this evaluation, you will be better able to identify opportunities and make your newsletter more attractive by tailoring it to the interests of your customers.


Why switch?

In addition to the aforementioned benefits, there are also other important changes. Here you will find an overview of the main changes:



  • Set-up fee and monthly fee
  • Additional fee for additional volume
  • Inconvenient interface displaying functions not needed
  • Centrally operated content in German only
  • Fee-based webinars
  • No marketing concept
  • No direct reporting on the effectiveness



Included in Digital Packages


Unlimited distribution volume


Optimised user interface


Centrally operated multilingual content


Webinars free of charge and directly linked FAQs


Set-up of email marketing campaign


Optional monthly reporting on the effectiveness