Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

A website’s discoverability and ranking in the popular search engines are critical to its success because they are what generates most visitors. A good website today therefore no longer just presents appealing content to customers, but also optimises this content for search engines.



Individual SEO copy

This is why our new digital packages have been designed to focus even more on SEO activities in order to achieve a better positioning of the individual landing pages in the search engines. All SEO activities are concerned with improving various relevant ranking factors that have a direct impact on the website. The key element is custom SEO copy, which forms the basis for sound search engine optimisation. Using the new Web CMS for your landing page, you can now position such copy on your page and thus increase your chances of achieving a better search engine ranking.



Suggestions for SEO details

When you optimise your landing page structure, you will need to meet certain requirements that affect the content and technology deployed in order to appear as prominently as possible in the search engine results when users search for specific keywords. This is why the new Web CMS now provides suggestions in different languages for SEO-relevant components that need to be optimised. In addition, the new Web CMS comes with an intuitive option to customise these SEO-relevant components for your landing page and to tailor them to your company.



H1 optimisation

The context of heading and body copy also plays a key role. An additional subheading now helps the reader to better understand the content of the text right away and thus offers the opportunity to further optimise your landing page for search engines.



Improvements to the existing URL structure

The URL structure is a direct ranking factor for Google and should therefore contain significant keywords as well as clever combinations of them. The new URL structure is to be optimised in such a way that, from now on, it covers both the language and the country of origin. This approach is currently adopted by Microsoft, for example, to make the content of their pages more readable for search engines.


Why switch?

In addition to the aforementioned benefits, there are also other important changes. Here you will find an overview of the main benefits:



  • Existing URL structure results in bad ranking
  • Inconvenient adjustment of SEO relevant texts
  • Limited option to enter SEO relevant details
  • No further optimisation of landing pages possible



Improved URL structure


Improved options for adjustment of SEO texts


Professional default suggestions for SEO details


Optimisation of landing page structure regarding SEO