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4 must-have features for a startup office space

Startups are known for taking risks. That's how they’re able to innovate and create excitement among already-thriving industries. For a business to take risks, it needs a foundation of solidity – and what better base is there from which to jump start a business than a well-appointed office?

Startup companies aren't like other, more well-established businesses. Many of their unique traits translate into specific requirements from their offices. Here are a handful of aspects in which a startup office differs from any other.

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- 4 must-have features for a startup office space


One of the foremost characteristics of young businesses is their fluidity. In the startup world, things can change enormously in the space of just a few days. Some of these changes will have an impact on your requirements when it comes to your startup office design.

One area where a startup office must be flexible is in its capacity. Fledgling companies can often grow rapidly in a short space of time, with new members of staff appearing almost daily. The last thing a new business needs is to pack up and move office every few week. This means looking for somewhere with flexibility of capacity – in other words, the potential for hassle-free expansion.

Creative inspiration

Young businesses thrive on innovation and creativity. Often it's their ability to think outside the box that gives them value as a company. A startup office space should reflect that, encouraging team members to step outside of their working routine and find some inspiration at short notice.

Quick and easy ways to do this include creating social spaces within the work environment. Depending on the type of company and the demographic of its employees, this might involve bringing in games consoles, reading areas, or a well-stocked kitchen.

This is an excellent way to make use of outside areas, which might otherwise be unsuitable for a working company. Gardens provide ample opportunity for relaxation and creative thought.


If occupying a startup office means using a shared building, companies should show an interest in the other tenants. Who the neighbours are can have a considerable impact on the appeal of a commercial space. This is particularly true for young companies, whose staff members will always be on the lookout for networking opportunities.

Landlords and realtors can plan accordingly, doing their best to group similar types of businesses together. Selling a commercial space as an industry hub is a smart idea which could give you the edge over competitors when it comes to attracting the highest standard of tenant.

Space to impress

A crucial element of life in a startup is the process of finding new clients and customers. Depending on the type of business, this could well involve inviting clients to the startup office. If this is the case, tenants will look favourably on a startup office design which is set up to 'wow' first time visitors. Grand entrances and atriums work well for first impressions. A breathtaking view is another attractive feature.

The key to making an startup office design appealing to startups lies in knowing the competition and understanding the needs of young companies. You can do this by taking a look at commercial properties already on the market and speaking directly with emerging businesses in your area.

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