Working at home

It's often said that home is where the heart is, but with the increased popularity of telecommuting, home is now becoming where the office is too. Done incorrectly, a home office can end up being neither a home, nor an office, blending the lines between work and home in a way that can be detrimental to your health. Fortunately, getting the balance right needn't be difficult. Here's how to create a comfortable yet functional workspace in your home.

Working at homeFind a secluded space

Begin by finding a private area that you feel comfortable working in. Many of us dream of working from our sofas or beds, but with the latest research showing that even checking your emails in bed can have a negative effect on sleeping patterns, it's best to designate a specific space in your home for work. Try to chose a space that's far from any potential distractions – working in or near your kitchen, for example, is a prime way to lose concentration any time a family member pops in to make a drink or get a snack.

Design with focus in mind

It might not be the first thing you thought of when you decided to telecommute, but effectively styling your home office is important for helping you to maintain concentration. Invest in a desk which makes you want to start working, such as a stylish trestle desk. Inspired by an architect's drafting table, trestle desks provide plenty of space for you to spread out while you work and can also feature additional drawers for easy-to-reach storage.

Add a touch of green

It's been proven time and again that plants improve your mood and quality of life, so consider adding a few indoor plants to your new home office. Spider plants are a hardy plant that can invigorate a tired indoor space with a splash of luscious green. These plants are also almost invincible and can happily cope without a great deal of attention – perfect for during busy periods or when you're enjoying a well-earned vacation.

Prioritise posture

Most offices are designed with ergonomics in mind, so it's important to do the same with your home work space. First up, you may want to invest in an ergonomically designed office chair – not only are these stylish, they also protect your body from all sorts of problems, from joint and neck pain, to herniated disks. To make your new chair as effective as possible, adjust your seat so that your feet are resting flat on the ground. You're also likely to be spending much more time in front of your home computer than you did before, so it's recommended that you line up your chair and desk so the top of your computer screen is at eye level.

Working from home is no longer just about having a fast internet connection, it’s about creating a space where your home and work lives can easily co-exist. If you’re looking for a property that can seamlessly shift between comfortable work space and relaxing sanctuary, visit your local Engel & Völkers shop today.

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