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Guide to Renting an Apartment in Dubai for Expats

Dubai’s real estate sector has been rising despite the COVID-19 pandemic. Popular developers are consistently building top-notch projects as the population continues to increase.

Rental transactions in Dubai are controlled by Real Estate Regulatory Authority or RERA. The price index for property rentals in Dubai is transparent so it is relatively easy to know if you are renting a property at a good price. You will also have ample time to search for the perfect property since the number of properties for rent in Dubai always tops the demand.

There are also plenty of cheap apartments for rent in Dubai if you are looking for something within a certain budget. A furnished apartment is recommended if you have just moved and if you don’t have any furniture and appliances yet.


Step-by-step guide:

1.) Explore property listings online using an online property portal in Dubai.

You can filter your search from the lowest to the highest price, you can also search in a specific area or community, and you can also filter how many bedrooms are you looking for.

On the property page, you can check important information regarding the property such as the price, the specifications, the number of bedrooms, the view, the level, and more.

2.) Schedule a viewing with the real estate agent.

Confirm where the property is located as well as the viewing time. Refer to the Dubai Public Transportation Guide in case you don’t drive so you can plan your journey accordingly. Keep in mind that when you rent an apartment in Dubai, it is important to consider its accessibility to public transportation especially when you don’t drive.

Be attentive to the details and take down important information such as the chiller, parking, security, etc. Observe if the location is quiet enough to relax and as much as possible, avoid locations next to construction sites.

Ask about the building facilities and check if they are good. You should also check if the AC system is centralized or not, or if the apartment is chiller-free. Renting chiller free apartments in Dubai can save you from additional AC costs. 

Try to interact with the neighbors if there’s an opportunity so you can ask them about the pros and cons of living in the neighborhood. You also need to check if the apartment is close to supermarkets, schools, restaurants, or shopping malls.

3.) Finalize the rental agreement

Once you have decided about which property you want to rent, you can proceed with the reservation process. You will be asked to pay the refundable security deposit which is usually 5% of the rental price.

Ask the agent regarding the number of cheques required to pay for the annual rent. Make sure that you record all the payments and keep all receipts.

Prepare the documents required. A residence visa is mandatory for setting up DEWA and the internet.

4.) Sign the tenancy agreement.

Once all documents have been received and verified, the real estate agent will send you the tenancy agreement for you to sign. It will include all the necessary information about the rental as well as the terms and conditions. Read it carefully and ask questions if something is unclear.

Sign the agreement once reviewed and hand over the rental cheques and commission applicable. Ask for an invoice and receipt.

The real estate agent will have the landlord sign the tenancy agreement and give him/her the cheques. Once it is signed by the landlord, you should get a copy of the signed agreement.

5.) Prepare to move in.

Since you have officially rented the property, the next step will be the DEWA connection and Ejari registration. Applying for the same is easy and can be completed within 24 hours. You will only need a little guidance from your agent to accomplish both procedures.

Renting a property in Dubai can be convenient, stressful, or somewhere in between. There are many factors to consider for you to be able to find the best property that suits your needs. Being on the right track is the key to having a successful rental journey and a reputable real estate agent can help you make this possible.

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