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2023 Happiness Report: happiness lives here!

Austria consistently ranks 11th in the World Happiness Report. Why is it so wonderful to live in the Alpine region of Tyrol & Salzburg Land?

While Germany has dropped two places to 16th in the current World Happiness Report, Austria has remained in 11th place. Despite various crises, people in the Alpine region of Tyrol & Salzburg Land still feel happy. Is it the mountains, the nature, or the carefree attitude to life that triggers this sense of happiness?

What determines happiness?
The researchers use data provided by the Gallop Institute from the past three years to determine the rankings in their annual report. They have identified six key factors that impact on people’s happiness in a country:

  • social support
  • ​income
  • health
  • freedom
  • generosity, and
  • lack of corruption

Wealth makes people happy
According to the report, people are most satisfied in countries like Austria, where wealth is relatively evenly distributed across the population. “Average happiness and our country rankings...have been remarkably stable during the three COVID-19 years,” explains John Helliwell, a researcher involved in producing the report.

Happiness in Kitzbühel and the surrounding area
The quest for happiness, or rather for being happy, is probably as old as humanity itself. Happiness is far more than a chemical composition. Researchers have been studying the reasons behind happiness for many years. Two things have become apparent in the process: both a rich social life with family and friends and outdoor exercise are proven recipes for happiness. Thanks to the friendliness of its inhabitants and its unique landscapes, the Alpine region of Tyrol & Salzburg Land provides the perfect ingredients.

- Glücklich sein, kann so einfach sein!

glück.tage from 2-7 May 2023
In Kufstein, the glück.tage festival features philosophical thoughts, readings, outdoor experiences, exciting lectures, and musical works of art on the topic of happiness.

Happiness summit “Mein Yapadu Summit” from 15-18 June 2023
The region of St. Johann in Tyrol has made happiness a priority. This positive feeling reaches its zenith at the annual happiness summit, “Mein Yapadu Summit".

Where do the happiest people live?
The happiest people live in Finland, followed by Denmark and Iceland. For further reading, we recommend the World Happiness Report 2023.

- Family is looking forward to a new home.

A little more happiness—we would be pleased to advise you!
Our real estate experts in the Alpine region of Tyrol and Salzburg Land would be glad to contribute to your sense of happiness. Let us help you sell what others dream of or assist you in bringing a little more happiness into your life by purchasing your dream property.

We would be pleased to advise you!

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