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Above-ground pools for your garden or terrace

Spring in all its glory is here, the days are getting longer and the temperatures are rising as the season progresses. Already we can imagine how nice it would be to have a way to cool off in our own garden in the summer. Small mobile pools could be the solution! We have compiled the most important information about above-ground pools for you.

- Thinking about having a pool in your own garden? We have compiled information and facts about above-ground pools for you! More on this in the new blog.

Advantages of mobile above-ground pools

Above-ground pools, the inflatable version of which are also called "quick-up pools", are ideal if you want to have a small "spare swimming pool" at home to enjoy in your free time. They are also perfect for smaller spaces, as the smaller versions can even fit on your terrace. They can be set up and dismantled quite easily with minimal DIY effort and can even be moved. In terms of cost, they are significantly less expensive than the inground swimming pools.

Regulations to be observed for above-ground pools

Above-ground pools do not require any construction work in the garden or excavation. Therefore, they usually do not require approval from the building authority.

However, they should not exceed the guideline size of 4x8x1.5m. Their capacity may not exceed 50 cubic metres. Since regulations may differ from region to region, an enquiry with the local authority is the safest way to enjoy your pool project to the fullest.

Pre-purchase considerations - how will the pool be used?

Before you make your children's or the whole family's dream of having a pool on your doorstep come true, some thought should be given to the material, size and design of the pool.

Is the pool primarily intended as an opportunity for the children to splash around and cool off on hot summer days? Or would you like to have enough space to relax with the whole family? Should the pool be big and, above all, deep enough to allow for sports activities such as water gymnastics or swimming a few lengths? The answers to these questions will help you determine the required size, design and expected costs.

Choosing the right pool for your garden - variations of the above-ground pool

For children to cool off and play, the simple pop-up plastic pool with air ring is the model of choice. It is inexpensive and very easy and quick to set up. Simply inflate the ring at the top and the pool is ready to be filled. The air ring pulls upwards and the mass of water gives it its stability. These so-called quick-up pools are available in sizes ranging from paddling pools right up to 4-5 m in diameter.

The next variant, which offers significantly more stability, is the above-ground pool with a frame construction. This can be made of hard plastic or steel. The entire frame is assembled using precisely fitting prefabricated plug-in connections and covered with pool sheeting on the inside. The assembly can be carried out without any problems even by laymen by following the enclosed instructions. Some manufacturers also offer mini versions of these so-called frame pools, which are assembled without air and are stable enough to withstand the activities of older children.

The next step up is the above-ground pool made of wood. The purchase costs and the effort required for construction are significantly higher than the two previously mentioned, but wooden pools are more weather-resistant and frost-proof. This means they can even be left in the garden over winter. Due to the natural material wood, they blend in well with the garden and an occasional coat of wood oil keeps them looking as good as new for a long time. While the plastic pools with air ring design are round, you have a wider choice of shapes and sizes for the frame and wooden pools.

Where is the best place to put an above-ground pool?

All above-ground pools need a level, solid surface. Always consider the load-bearing capacity of the site: The larger your pool, the heavier it will be. A nearby water connection would be practical and if you want to connect a filter system, it will need a power connection.

If possible, do not place the pool under trees; the cleaning effort due to falling flowers and leaves is significantly higher here. The ideal conditions for turning the above-ground pool in your garden into an oasis of well-being are ample sunlight for pleasantly warm water and little wind.

An important note in closing

As the owner or tenant of the property on which you install your pool, it is your duty to ensure public safety. It is your responsibility to make sure that the pool does not pose a drowning hazard. Especially for children and animals. It must be clarified in each individual case whether the entire property must be fenced in or whether the pool must be additionally covered when not in use.

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