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Property prices in Kitzbühel: Living in Tyrol

The municipality of Kitzbühel is one of the most well-known hotspots and venues for ski sports events worldwide. Moreover, this idyllic and accessible little town in the middle of the Alps is a popular travel destination the whole year through. Here, year after year Austria’s leading economic and cultural figures encounter well-known personalities from all over the world. In the romantic streets of this Alpine village, there is a pleasant, rural and family atmosphere, which is suitable for replenishing your energies. At the same time, Kitzbühel has excellent infrastructural conditions as well as first-rate connections to the cities of Munich, Innsbruck and Salzburg. The small town of Kitzbühel is therefore easily accessible for international guests. Due to the fantastic quality of life the municipality offers its inhabitants, the demand for properties in Kitzbühel is huge. There are attractive options for both owner-occupiers and investors. It is therefore worthwhile to invest in Tyrolean properties, especially under the current circumstances. 

In this article, you can find out everything you need to know about the property market in Kitzbühel. Here, we provide you with comprehensive information about current price developments when renting and purchasing flats and houses in the district of Kitzbühel, the clientele living in Kitzbühel and the most popular types of property in “Kitz” and the surrounding area. 

Property prices in Kitzbühel: These are the current property market trends

For a good few years, Tyrol and the Salzburg Region have been amongst the regions with the highest level of property prices in the whole of Austria. Tyrol’s municipal statistics show that the population has seen immense growth over the past 20 years. Excellent quality of life as well as fantastic economic performance in Tyrol are just a couple of the significant reasons why people move here from other parts of Austria as well as from abroad. Tyrol has always been the province with the lowest unemployment levels in Austria. Correspondingly, there is high demand for flats to buy and rent as well as for houses to buy in Tyrol, which is met by a limited number of available properties. As a logical consequence, the property market in Tyrol, particularly in Kitzbühel, is characterised by upward price trends. 

The district of Kitzbühel is the most highly priced region in the province of Tyrol, ahead of the City of Innsbruck. The general price level exceeds property prices in Innsbruck and price levels in Zell am See in the Salzburg Region. Although this may cause investment hurdles, there are still excellent yield opportunities for investors. Even the numerous new-build projects in Innsbruck have no influence on the stability of the property market in Kitzbühel: While rental prices have seen an increase of more than 40% in the district of Kitzbühel since 2012, the price per square metre when buying a house in Kitzbühel has increased by more than 150%. Prices continue to show a continuous upward trend. Buying a property in Kitzbühel can therefore be considered a stable investment. 


Clientele & most popular places in the district of Kitzbühel

This region is one of the most productive and highly priced in the whole country. For this reason, it doesn’t seem surprising that the majority of those who live there are well-off. Numerous people from Kitzbühel as well as those who have chosen to live there are entrepreneurs. Tourism is a significant economic factor in the district of Kitzbühel. Many inhabitants work either directly or indirectly in this branch, whereby small and medium-sized enterprises are predominant. 

In Kitzbühel, residential properties are primarily sought-after by Austrian citizens as well as German buyers. Generally, the resident population of Tyrol, in particular in Kitzbühel, is characterised by a heterogeneous structure. People from various nations and of different ages are at home in “Kitz”. 

More than 63,000 residents have a primary or secondary residence in the district of Kitzbühel. Most of them live in St. Johann in Tirol, in the municipality of Kitzbühel or in Hopfgarten im Brixental. The municipalities of Aurach, Reith, Kirchberg, Fieberbrunn, Going, Ellmau and Westendorf are also particularly popular amongst buyers. 


The most common & popular types of property in Kitzbühel and the surrounding area

Our selection of residential properties in Kitzbühel and the surrounding area is diverse. From a studio apartment in the town centre to a modern chalet in a quiet place, there is something suitable for every potential buyer. Besides properties for sale, our portfolio also includes attractive flats and houses available to rent in Tyrol.

  • Buying a house in in Kitzbühel


As a result of the high level of demand for houses, mainly luxury detached houses are available in this region. For the most part, these are new-build projects. Those wishing to buy an apartment house or a chalet in Kitzbühel are sure to find what they are looking for. There are also numerous exclusive country houses and unique gems such as multi-generational houses.

  • Buying a flat in Kitzbühel

Due to a high volume of tourists, flats are the dominant type of property here. Buying a flat with one room or with a larger living area can certainly pay off as an investment. Most of the flats are also suitable for long-term residency. In addition, our offer also includes many modern town flats such as penthouses in Tyrol. 


Purchase and rental prices in the region of Kitzbühel

Mid 2020, the average purchase price for a residential property in Kitzbühel was €9,505.92 per square metre. For flats, the average square metre price was between €9,786.90 and €10,578.39, depending on the surface area. Average prices between €6,828.93 and €10,174.07 per square metre are to be expected when buying a house in Kitzbühel. In 2016, an average one-family house cost approximately 1.1 million Euros here. In the entire district of Kitzbühel, the average price per square metre even reached €13,405.42 in June 2020. Rental flats cost €18.76 per square metre in the same period of time. Aurach, Kirchberg, Oberndorf, Reith und St. Johann are also some of the most popular and highly priced places in this district. Places such as Schwendt and Waidring are significantly cheaper, and properties can occasionally be acquired there for a price of around €3,000 per square metre. 

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