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Art Deco: a style with an enduring charm

Perhaps because of its use of vibrant colours, precious materials, fine sculpture and gilding, Art Deco remains an appealing style. So let’s have a closer look at this best-selling, fashionable trend.

Art Deco first became popular in the years 1910 to 1920, displacing the Art Nouveau style which flourished earlier in the 19th century. It could be described as the earliest global architectural/ decorative movement, and was certainly the first style to enjoy truly international dissemination. Originating in France, Art Deco quickly spread to Belgium, Portugal, Spain and the Anglo-Saxon countries, before later extending as far as China and Japan.

Art Deco, a shortened form of "Arts décoratifs" (Decorative Arts), consists of several signature elements: marble, gilding, geometric shapes, velvet, leather, etc., and is characterized by a taste for order and ornamentation coupled with the display of expertise and fine craftsmanship. However, styles change, and with the advent of new technologies, Art Deco’s influence gradually began to fade.

Since 2010, decorative luxury has enjoyed a revival and consumers are now hungry for gold and precious materials. So, luxury interiors are once again back in vogue. But today’s clients have other desires too ... They are looking to create a personal universe which is warm, comforting and solid – and Art Deco is the perfect style to meet this demand. With its exquisite materials, the symmetrical wallpapers, soft velvet sofas and rugged marble, it meets all the expectations of those who share a refined sense of well-being.

Art deco has become established as a new fashionable style which blends warmth and conviviality amidst the richness of its interiors.


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