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Five tips for setting up a successful franchise in Belgium

As a new real estate entrepreneur, you will certainly have already heard of the franchise system and the many benefits this model offers to the independent real estate agent. This system is based on a collaboration between an independent agency, called the franchisee, and a major real estate brand, called the franchisor. However, because of the large amount of information available, it is sometimes difficult to distinguish between what is useful, and what is useless. As an internationally renowned real estate franchisor, Engel & Völkers gives you five concise tips for setting up your own successful franchise. 

Tip 1: your accessibility

The first factor in increasing the success of your franchise is accessibility. Especially as a new entrepreneur or startup, you need to be always reachable, anywhere and at any time. Your presence will be very important to potential clients in Belgium. So please be sure to indicate a fixed phone line for your business, as well as a mobile number for emergencies. Your franchisor may also be able to help you if it has central customer service. Finally, of course, do not forget your web presence, in the form of at least a professional website, which has now become essential for any real estate agency in Belgium.

Tip 2: Use Belgian social networks to your advantage

Having a presence on social networks is a key factor in creating a friendly and positive relationship with your Belgian clients. So don't underestimate the value of promotion on social networks for your real estate franchise. It is very likely that the franchisor already has a social networking strategy with which you can align yourself. So study this strategy, but also build your own space for your franchise agency. Be sure to consult an expert.

Tip 3: knowing your Belgian clients

To be able to sell your apartments, houses or land, you will need to know your potential customers in Belgium. As a real estate agency franchisee, you will be in direct contact with the buyers, which is how you will be able to understand their requirements and preferences. By relaying this information back to your franchisor, you will be able to establish an optimal strategy for your business. In this way, you will be able to work together to improve the franchise concept for the client.

Tip 4: in a franchise, time is money

As a new real estate agent, franchisee or not, establishing yourself will be a task that will take a lot of time, energy and resources. That's why you won't have to do it all yourself. As a Belgian franchise agent, you have the advantage of your franchisor's experience and know-how. So look for what your franchise can do for you. This will save you valuable time, that you can reinvest in the success of your agency.

Tip 5: Take advantage of the franchisor's network in Belgium

As mentioned above, establishing one's own business is never simple. But one of the great advantages of our franchise in Belgium is the support provided to the new franchisee by the franchisor, and the network of other franchisees in Belgium. This support will be crucial for your business. Thanks to it, you can benefit from the experience of your fellow franchisees, avoid their mistakes (for example), or learn more about being an independent real estate agent. Make the maximum use of this advantage of the franchise system.

Get started with your real estate franchise in Belgium!

So these are our five tips for setting up your own successful real estate agency franchise. Of course, there is no predefined path to success, but these five tips will certainly help you make your business profitable faster. Because franchisors are often different and so are their networks, inform yourself as much as you can before starting the franchise. And take a first step towards your franchise dream.

As an internationally recognised franchisor, Engel & Völkers is always on the lookout for potential franchisees for Belgium. To learn more about our proven franchise formula and the types of franchisees we are looking for, click on the following link.

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