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Focus on the employee: this is how the franchisees brings the right kind of motivation to their team

In every sub-area of dependent employment, including real estate franchise systems, employees are regularly confronted with new challenges and problems. How quickly, efficiently and, ultimately, successfully these are mastered depends largely on the motivation of the individual employees. In this article Engel & Völkers explains the methods most suitable for motivation the workforce focusing on the long term and gives valuable tips for franchisees that can be implemented immediately in-house.

The meaning of motivation in the context of gainful employment can usually be understood as the intrinsic readiness of employees to provide benefits to the enterprise. In franchises, there can be a number of reasons for existing or lacking motivation: identification with brand and products, acceptance of management and employees at the interpersonal level, working conditions and their own role in the business. Those who, as franchisees responsible for the team, manage to work on these parameters and thus increase the motivation of the employees, will soon meet with a positive response. Starting with a more pleasant interaction within the workforce, an increasing commitment to the clear qualitative improvement of your products or their offer, your entire company benefits from such measures.

Opportunities for motivational support: It starts with the franchisee

The basic motivation of a future employee can already be determined at the first job interview. If you, as a franchisee responsible for personnel, have the choice between several applicants, you decide for the one who reflects enthusiasm for the company most authentically. This ensures that your team from the outset consists only of employees who identify with franchisor and the offer. Based on this, make sure that every employee is provided with adequate resources to carry out their work. Avoid inefficiencies due to a lack of information flow or lack of infrastructure, so that colleagues can look forward to a structured, well-equipped workplace.

To keep your team motivated, lead by example. Respect the wishes and needs of your colleagues, show empathy and willingness to talk when it comes to internal grievances and discussion needs, and clearly convey your own pleasure within the work for the franchisee. Your commitment is contagious - soon your employees will try to emulate you.

Financial incentives - not always the drug of choice

The idea of financial incentives comes up quickly when thinking of a directly induced motivational boost of employees. These can take the form of salary increases, one-time payments or productivity bonuses. In the short-term, this may be a way to increase motivation-but it's an extrinsic motivation that does not last long and, in the worst case, can lead to rivalry and resentment through suspected unfair treatment.

Make better use of your funds to further improve the internal satisfaction of the franchisee. Recognize good performance in day-to-day operations, maintain the right balance of challenging and simple tasks, and conduct employee surveys from time to time, which will help you eradicate previous weaknesses in the team's trust and motivation perception.

Franchisor Engel & Völkers: Your basis for high employee motivation

When choosing the right partner in a real estate franchise, it is important to emphasize a high brand reputation, sufficient freedom in recruitment and the design of working conditions to increase the motivational potential.

Engel & Völkers stands internationally for exclusive luxury properties and high quality service. The work for such a premium brand and the regular handling of luxury objects is already a motivating factor. In addition, each franchisee is entrusted with the recruitment of their professionals and much of the internal relationships themselves. At Engel & Völkers, you will find the ideal basis to build an inspired team that will bring and keep your business on the road to success. With our efficient system platform, sophisticated and constantly improved marketing methods and an extensive network of partner contacts, Engel & Völkers enables a smooth, promising investment as an independent real estate agent.

Have we sparked your interest as a franchisee with Engel & Völkers? Would you like to know more about the possibilities, opportunities and entry requirements as real estate agents in franchising? We are happy to advise you and would be pleased if you contact us personally!

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