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Franchisees screening: Do you have what it takes?

If you consider becoming a franchisee in the future, it is time to ask yourself the essential question of personal suitability for this type of employment. In view of the great career opportunities offered by franchise systems, you should not rush and first examine your professional, social and personal skills in relation to the needs of such a profession. Engel & Völkers has put together an overview of the most important aspects of the self-check.

Leading a franchise, such as in the real estate industry, requires a range of skills. The foundation lies in the social skills that enable you to tune your interpersonal life to work as a franchisee. Ask yourself if your new lifestyle will be compatible with family, friends and your personal everyday life. Fulfill this requirement, dedicate yourself to your job-specific character traits: As a franchisee, you should be able to motivate yourself to work, to reward achievements, and to catch up on grievances. Also, you should comply with the franchisor's strategy to avoid discrepancies. Finally, you should check whether the self-employment is technically suitable for you. Take into account not only industry-specific knowledge, but also general management skills, such as personnel management, accounting or budget management.

Design your professional future with Engel & Völkers

Are you able to pave the way for self-employment franchises and, can you imagine a partnership with one of the world's leading real estate service providers? In this case, you can build on the many years of experience and global presence of Engel & Völkers. Each of our over 700 international franchise license agreements has been developed in a personal collaboration between franchisor and franchisee. Thus, already at the beginning of the franchise partnership, a dynamic relationship is created that is significantly shaped by you and your individual specifications.

Do you see the prerequisites to a successful, independent franchisee within yourself? Engel & Völkers is always looking for ambitious colleagues who want to support and expand our franchise concept. Please contact us for more information!

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