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Start a franchise company abroad as a real estate agent with Engel & Völkers

A new cultural environment, pleasant climatic conditions or a promising market for your real estate brokerage activity: The arguments for setting up a franchise abroad can be varied. A new opening like this in another country does not always proceed in the same way as at your usual location: You should expect certain deviations from the legal framework and the local competitor structure to elementary aspects such as communication. Franchise systems offer the great advantage of cross-border uniformity: Engel & Völkers real estate shops from Athens to Copenhagen follow the same proven business model with few regional differences - the best basis for your successful establishment abroad. Read on to find out why the international franchisee route can turn out to be a particularly interesting option for you and what you should pay attention to as a real estate agent.

These are your advantages of setting up a franchise abroad as a real estate agent

In addition to the factors already mentioned above, which may also have a positive effect on your private life at an international location, there are also a few things that speak in favor of setting up a franchise abroad from a purely professional perspective. While specific franchise systems are already widespread in some countries, their license partner network can still have large geographical gaps in the neighboring country. Here you have the opportunity to develop potentially lucrative catchment areas with your own company and to secure valuable market shares. Thanks to the EU's free movement regulations and the associated rights to open a company in one of its member states, this is now easier to achieve than ever. If you already have business or long private experience in your target country or if you speak the national language, this will also benefit you. This makes it easier for you to empathize with the wishes and demands of your customers and also to better understand the foreign market dynamics, which not least makes you an important licensing partner for your franchisor. Otherwise, opening a franchise company abroad is the ideal opportunity to expand your intercultural competence as a real estate agent. In some cases there is even the option of acquiring a master franchise license and expanding your commercial ambitions - Engel & Völkers will be happy to inform you personally about the options available.

- Company premises of an internationally successful real estate franchise company

Different country, different market structure: What you should consider as a real estate agent abroad

Despite the possibility of adapting the business concept of your franchisor in many European countries, it is advisable to know the essential characteristics of your new license area and the property market there before you set up. While in some countries, typically in Northern and Central Europe, classic sellers' markets with excess demand have emerged, in more southern regions there is often an inverse relationship with high supply availability. The most important property types in marketing also vary in type, size and equipment, for example a distinction is made between typical primary and secondary home markets. These dynamics can differ not only from country to country, but sometimes also from city to city, so that a detailed analysis of your future license area abroad is particularly important for your activity as a real estate agent in order to be able to adapt your business strategy accordingly. In addition, you should study issues of national tax and real estate law in detail in order to integrate yourself as best as possible with your franchise company abroad.

Become a franchisee at Engel & Völkers: Your company formation on the international stage

If you would like to maximize the success of your real estate agent franchise company, opt for an Engel & Völkers license partnership: With us you can choose from a large number of attractive license areas in Belgium, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Portugal, Spain and Italy. Our proven real estate shop concept has been ensuring annual sales records and continuous growth for over 20 years - become part of our renowned network, which now offers first-class real estate marketing in the premium segment at over 800 locations and is internationally known. So that you are ideally prepared for your license partnership abroad, you have the opportunity to attend advanced seminars for real estate agents in addition to our further training courses for shop managers ("Ready to manage"): The Engel & Völkers Academy is available to all employees of our brand with extensive Training options open. You can also benefit from powerful real estate agent software, an international contact database, regular market reports, multimedia advertising measures and much more! We look forward to your call at +49 (0) 40 36 13 10, where we will be happy to provide you with further information and arrange a personal consultation.

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