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Time management as a franchisee: get to know the ABC method!

Modern working environments have become significantly faster in the last 20 years. In the real estate industry, too, digitization and globalization have contributed to growing market dynamics. If you want to successfully establish yourself as a real estate agent in a franchise system with your own company in 2020, a functioning t ime management is essential for a long-term successful career. Engel & Völkers presents the ABC method in this article so that you can better decide which tasks to assign to which time allotments and work most efficiently as a real estate agent - a strategy that is ideally suited to the improved performance of your franchise company. Continue reading!

Franchisor Engel & Völkers informs: What is the ABC method?

In addition to other tools such as the Pareto or the SMART principle, the ABC method is also a valuable strategy for process optimization that can also be used in real estate franchise companies. The aim of the method is to enable efficient working time management by prioritizing the arising tasks as clearly as possible. The ABC method also fulfills other purposes: It can be used to categorize which customer orders you should pay the most attention to from a purely rational perspective as a real estate agent - so the application can also have a positive effect on your business balance sheet. In addition, your internal coordination and workload distribution can benefit from the application of the ABC method, which makes it a particularly interesting option for franchisees: It gives both business start-ups and active real estate agents a versatile tool to best apply the principles of their own work organization to adapt to current requirements of the real estate industry.

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This is how the ABC method works for your real estate franchise company

As its name already suggests, the ABC method provides for the functional division of tasks into three categories: The A category includes all tasks that are currently particularly important and time-critical for your real estate agent company, often they are also associated with a high financial value. B tasks, on the other hand, are uncritical in terms of time, but still count as important work in terms of content, while the C category requires quick completion, but is less relevant to your business success. In order to make this subdivision, various tasks have to be weighed against each other, sometimes individually, with regard to their final completion date and their earnings potential for your franchise company. This prioritization step is of central importance: It sensitizes management and employees to the different levels of relevance of individual activities and in this way helps to better coordinate them in terms of time and personnel. Important tasks can be processed in an even more focused way.

For your time management as a franchisee and managing director, this means that you should primarily deal with the activities classified as important: As a rule of thumb, you should plan 70 percent of your time on A tasks and 20 percent on B tasks. The remaining 10 percent are usually not sufficient to complete all C-tasks - these should be delegated to your real estate agent colleagues or your assistant if possible.

For an even greater effectiveness of the ABC method in your franchise company, the individual categories can be further divided so that a more precise organizational assignment can be made. Typical criteria for this are, for example, whether the respective order can be transferred with regard to the required qualifications, how great the negative effects would be if it were not processed, and what significance the task and its results will play in the corporate context in the long term.

Transferred to the real estate industry, this means that you can not only weigh out your order situation according to transaction volume, urgency and customer relationship, but also include all other activities such as office administration or tax matters. This creates a transparent and flexible priority matrix that can fundamentally enrich your career as an independent franchise real estate agent.

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