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Typical mistakes made by franchisees - how they can be avoided

A franchise partnership in which you use the franchise's own business for your own business as a self-employed individual promises a stable market start as you benefit from the image of the franchise from the very first minute. Many interested parties are so fascinated by the success opportunities that they often enter into such a partnership without the necessary preparation. Engel & Völkers introduces you to the typical mistakes made by franchisees and explains why planning and analysis are indispensable before the contract signature.

Even in the planning phase of your new franchise company, mistakes should be avoided at all costs. Therefore, take particular care when analyzing the market, target group and business concept.

With the decision to combine your own independence with the franchise concept of another company, you define the framework conditions of your private and above all economic future - often for several decades. This fact and the associated obligations set out in the franchise contract are often not sufficiently recognized by future franchisees. Early efforts to quit partnership because of dissatisfaction may result. If you want to avoid this, it is advisable to contact already active franchisees, so that you can get familiar with the concept and partners.

In order to recognize all the privileges and requirements within the partnership, you should examine the contractual conditions thoroughly. This often neglected investment secures you and gives you the final certainty as to whether the franchise system has convinced you completely.

Success through tradition - your franchise partner Engel & Völkers

If you have decided to become self-employed in the real estate sector, what awaits you with the traditional company Engel & Völkers is a franchise partner with over 30 years of experience on international markets to demonstrate a maximum of competence and reputation. Open your exclusive Engel & Völkers real estate shop, which combines both the strengths of your individual management as well as the convincing corporate identity of the renowned Engel & Völkers brand. In the meantime, we have expanded to more than 700 locations worldwide with over 8,500 employees - the excellent testimony of our fair, transparent franchise concept, which for the first time led to a total turnover of more than half a billion euros in 2016.

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