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The corporate identity: quintessence within the franchise concept

The corporate identity (CI) is an elementary instrument when it comes to designing the company presentation, especially within franchise systems. It defines both outward appearance as well as work guidelines and strategies, which makes CI an indispensable link between franchisor and franchisee. A meaningful CI does not only have a positive effect on customer acquisition and loyalty, but also brings about various effects that benefit the company's internals. The following article will discuss the effects of an efficiently designed corporate identity and to what extent you as a franchisee contribute to its successful implementation.

The term Corporate Identity conceals a comprehensive concept of multimedia design rules as well as guidelines for action and communication of the entire franchise concept. These elements, which are designed to ensure the uniform appearance of all start-ups with the appropriate franchise license, are often defined in a statute or database to which each employee has access (depending on the field of application). From standardized letterheads to the written address of partner contacts, over logos and matching shades, up to an overall layout for exhibition stands, billboards or work clothes, the CI can influence the perception of the company on various levels. It creates a recognition value, sets the franchise enterprise apart from the competition. It generates the important sense of reliability and consistency that is of great value to both customer, investor, and trading partner relationships.

Core advantage of the real estate franchise compared to the regular start into self-employment: You can access a wide range of CI elements, which identifies you as an ambitious, competent service provider.

The internal effects of a good CI should also not be underestimated ...

Multiple employees - one language: the internal benefits of CI

Thanks to the guidelines set out in the corporate identity, the employees of the franchisee receive a guideline that they can use in different work situations. Questions such as: "What do I wear for the real estate presentation?", "Which font do I use for the contact form?" Or "How do I present the current real estate offer?" all can be regulated by the CI. It serves as a guide and emotional support for colleagues as well as for self-identification with the franchise. A strong team awareness - also across locations - and the pride of being able to work for the label are the welcome consequences. Likewise, it can help to reduce any competitive pressure among employees because it can partially match their self-presentation and working behavior. This, too, can result in a more pleasant working atmosphere and higher employment morale.

Keep the balance: Individuality in the franchise

In spite of a potentially extensive CI policy, franchisors in most cases choose to give their franchisees deliberate freedom to run their franchise. For example, logos and banners can be individually adapted to the characteristics of the shop, freedom of decoration or room layout is allowed, or it is possible to create your own franchisee website. These and similar measures will help you give your start-up a personal character that your customers and contacts will appreciate. However, the most important component remains anchored at the level of the human: put together a dedicated and friendly team, that makes your customers feel like they are in good hands. Become a franchisee for your employees, be the point of contact for problems, expand your network - in short: stay true to yourself and your way of working. This form of individualization will lead to a future-proof, successful existence as a franchisee in combination with an already proven CI.

Rely on a proven concept: Off to the real estate franchise with Engel & Völkers

With over 30 years of experience in global real estate markets, Engel & Völkers has developed a corporate identity that is used today at more than 700 locations. The design of our real estate shops with the traditional white façade and the black and red Engel & Völkers logo enjoys international fame and is quickly associated with high quality villas, houses and condominiums as well as first class service at premium level. An integral part of our success, which you as an independent franchisee at Engel & Völkers can enrich and help shape with your experience and abilities, is based on our steadily growing network of contacts. With the proven balance of your strategies and our CI, you are able to create a consistently compelling service experience and be successful as a real estate broker from the start.

Are you interested in the franchise partnership with Engel & Völkers? We look forward to your contact and to your meaningful business plan!

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