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The business plan and its importance in franchise systems

It is one of the basics of the founding doctrine, has already been discussed in dozens of books and internet advisers and is the strategic foundation of every ambitious start-up: the business plan. However, a general recipe for the "master plan" of the business plans is sought after in vain - the ideas about the right management and planning in the international managerial war differ too much. There is too much diversity in the number of their fields of application. For example, a business plan that is based on the foundation of a franchise company should meet a number of specific requirements.

Engel & Völkers would like to point out to you which aspects are most important for a business plan within the framework of a franchise system, for example in the case of a real estate franchise, and which objectives you should pursue in any case.

In terms of franchise concepts, the business plan plays a special role. Even at the beginning, the essential qualities and perspectives of your new franchise are defined. This makes it an essential communication tool between you as a franchise and your future franchisee. The latter can use your business plan to assess how much potential the new company will have under your management. The more detailed it is, and the more contingencies you take into account, the more will the franchisee feel that you have prepared yourself for the specifics and possible difficulties in the corresponding business field and thus are able to manage your franchise company economically and securely. This way, the necessary trust base can already be put in place at the beginning of the partnership - so make a significant contribution to the creation of your business plan from the very beginning.

Success through individuality - the concept of your franchise-oriented business plan

The individualization of your business strategy is an important aspect for the conviction of your future franchisee, in addition to the basic information that every business plan should contain - including the location, legal form, business model, financing and timetable. Start with a short, strong CV about yourself, that explains why, with your previous experience and qualifications, you are able to direct the company's fate as a franchisee.

In franchise systems, an out-of-the-box CI, with matching business methods and offers, is the reason why your business idea is an individual enrichment for the franchise family and still meets the brand's proven presentation. With the example of the real estate franchise, the core competence of Engel & Völkers, a strong location analysis of your new licensing area would be an idea on which you will develop your own suggestions for target group oriented marketing measures. Interpret the franchise system as giving and taking: you profit from the strength, name and prestige of the franchisor, but contribute your personal strategies and methods to the success of your project. Remember, however, to move within the framework of the pre-defined rules of the franchise agreement to avoid unnecessary tensions in the partnership.

Future-oriented and flexible: The dynamic business plan is convincing

When creating your business plan, you should present as many facts and ideas as you can to clarify how your franchise business should work as a whole. Only when you are fully aware of how you intend to deal with competitors on the market, the economic situation of your target group, legal or political restrictions, and the financing and refinancing of your franchise company, will your business plan be able to succeed. Present a dynamic idea that can be reactively adapted to changing external influences instead of following a plan that is steadily aging and up-to-date. By transforming yourself and your concept, you will demonstrate to the franchisor creativity, endurance and adaptability - important competences that will make it easier for you to succeed with your franchise company in practice.

Entering into the real estate franchise with Engel & Völkers

With Engel & Völkers you win a franchise partner, whose objectives harmonize with your ambitions as a committed founder. Our international real estate franchise system provides you with generous space for managing your franchise business without sacrificing the right degree of brand presence and uniformity. Realize your own marketing strategies in cooperation with partners from our global network, create your own professional team and win buyers and sellers of high-quality premium real estate - in your own way. Have we sparked your interest? We are looking forward to your business plan and would be pleased to welcome you soon as a new member of the Engel & Völkers family.

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