Free licence area: region of Biel/Bienne

Licence area of Biel – Facts & Figures

The licence area is dominated by the town of Biel, followed by Lyss and Nidau. With more than 40,000 detached houses and owner-occupied residences, the area offers potential sales of up to CHF 3 million, and that’s just in property sales. If a licensing partner Wants to specialise in the renting sector, they can profit from an average share of 35% of the rent.

Engel & Völkers is already well represented in the surrounding regions by the sites in Bern and Solothurn. Having another site in Biel would have a positive impact on the cross-selling and supply system of Engel & Völkers in the greater Bern area, and even throughout Switzerland. This could, in turn, positively affect our sales figures.

Are you also interested in the property market in and around Biel, and want the Engels & Völkers licence for Biel to be successful? Find out more about our free license area in the article below and get in contact with us. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

Thomas Frigo, Geschäftsführer Engel & Völkers Wohnen Schweiz

Thomas Frigo

Managing Partner Master licence

Biel/Bienne – the largest bilingual town, the capital of watchmaking, and the region’s economic centre

The region of Biel - Bienne in French - has a lot to offer. Over the last few decades, the watchmaking industry has settled in and around the largest bilingual town in Switzerland, turning it into Switzerland’s watchmaking capital. There is a real variety of choice in Biel in terms of education, as well as culturally and economically. It’s for this reason that the town is considered to be the economic centre for the Seeland region and the Bernese Jura. 

- Freies Lizenzgebiet Biel/Bienne

Property market – steady demand and numerous new houses

Property prices in the town of Biel have recovered thanks to steady demand. Numerous new houses are rising up all around the town. These are hugely popular with home buyers, not least because existing properties on the market often only partially meet modern requirements, or they don’t meet them at all. However, not much is being built in the rest of the region and suitable prospective buyers are mainly being sought for existing properties. Supply is exceeding demand to some extent. So, the fact that there are large differences in prices and levels of property development in the individual municipalities across the region should be taken into consideration. The sale prices in the most sought-after locations tend to increase, while they tend to remain the same elsewhere.

- Freies Lizenzgebiet Biel/Bienne

Most sought-after locations – Pieterlen, Mörigen, Täuffelen and Lyss

The Engel & Völkers licence area of Biel comprises more than 60 municipalities from A as in Aarberg to W as in Worben. The most sought-after locations or municipalities are Pieterlen with its safe and sophisticated surroundings close to nature and favourable tax conditions, the Biel suburb of Port where the quality of life is impressive, the municipal agglomeration of Mörigen which is also known as the pearl of Lake Biel, Täuffelen on the sunny side of the lake, and the centrally-located and easily-accessible Lyss. The emerging municipalities of Bellmund and Ipsach are becoming more popular.

- Freies Lizenzgebiet Biel/Bienne
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