Free licence area: region of Jura

Licence area Jura – Facts & Figures

The Jura licence area comprises of a total of 93 municipalities and offers a total sales potential of over 2 million CHF. As a location for an Engel & Völkers real estate shop, Delémont is the ideal choice.

Engel & Völkers is already well represented in the surrounding regions with offices in Basel, Solothurn and Bern. A further location in Délemomt would strengthen the cross-selling and feeder system of Engel & Völkers.

Are you interested in the housing market in the licence area, and would you like to become part of Engel & Völkers successful franchise-system and write your own success story? Find out more about our free license area in the article below and get in contact with us. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

Thomas Frigo, Geschäftsführer Engel & Völkers Wohnen Schweiz

Thomas Frigo

Managing Partner Master licence

Jura – The youngest canton of Switzerland and breathtaking landscape

In the northwest of Switzerland lies the idyllic canton of Jura. Just recently, the canton celebrated its 40th anniversary, which makes it the youngest canton in Switzerland. Originally, the areas of the canton belonged to the canton of Bern, due to cultural differences such as language and religion, they gained their current independence. The canton takes its name from the Jura mountains, which extend across neighbouring France. It is at the foot of this mountain on the Swiss side that the canton was established. The capital of the canton of Jura is Delsberg, which is also the largest city in the canton. It is better known under the French name of Delémont. In addition to the canton of the same name, the Jura licence area also encompasses municipalities of the Bernese Jura in the canton of Bern.

- Freies Lizenzgebiet Jura

Real estate market– large vacant lots, affordable home ownership, and rising demand

The real estate market in the canton of Jura is characterised from one side by a large number of vacant lots from the other side by a high availability of living spaces. Due to the settlements being relatively less dense, single-family houses are the typical form of living. As a result, the canton of Jura has the second-highest rate of home ownership in Switzerland at a rate of just under 58 percent. Real estate prices in the canton have risen in recent years, however, they are still very low compared to other cantons. The districts of Delémont and Porrentruy are two of the ten most inexpensive districts in Switzerland for residential property in the canton of Jura. It is from these low real estate prices and the current low mortgage rates that demand for residential property is rising.

- Freies Lizenzgebiet Jura

Most sought after sites – Delémont and Porrentruy

The Jura licence area is very rural with breathtaking landscapes and offers an abundance of wonderful places to relax and enjoy. Delémont, the largest city and capital of the canton, is surrounded by nature and offers historic buildings to admire and various events to celebrate at. Porrentruy, the former residence of the Prince-Bishops of Basel, is famous for its imposing castle and the old watchtower, Tour Réfous, high above the city.

- Freies Lizenzgebiet Jura
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