Which purchasers are subject to Lex Koller legislation?

The law states that “foreign nationals” are subject to Lex Koller legislation. This includes the following groups:

  • Foreigners resident abroad;
  • Foreigners who are resident in Switzerland but who are not citizens of an EU or EFTA 
         country and lack a valid permanent residence permit

In other words, the following may purchase real estate in Switzerland easily:

  • Swiss citizens, including those with dual nationality, who are resident in Switzerland or
  • EU/EFTA citizens legally or actually resident in Switzerland (with a B or C residence permit
         potentially also an L short stay permit);
  • Citizens of other countries who hold a C permit and are actually resident in Switzerland.

Real estate may only be purchased via a legal entity if the company has its registered office in Switzerland and is controlled by individuals resident in Switzerland. This means that foreigners cannot use a Swiss joint stock company (‘Aktiengesellschaft’) to circumvent the rules. The status of the private individual who is the beneficial owner of the company determines whether or not authorisation is required.

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