Property Sales with Engel & Völkers Switzerland

We appreciate the value of your propery. Take advantage of our many years of experience and our national and local expertise in real estate sales.
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Property Sales with Engel & Völkers Switzerland

We appreciate the value of your propery. Take advantage of our many years of experience and our national and local expertise in real estate sales.
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Sell your property with Engel & Völkers Switzerland

What is important to consider when selling a house or flat in Switzerland? Tips from experts, dos and don'ts - in our guide.


Selling real estate is a major undertaking for most people. As one of the most important assets, one's own flat or house tends to come up for sale only once in a lifetime. Of course, you want to do everything right. For this purpose, we have compiled thematic guides for you on all aspects of selling your property.

Table of contents

  1. Property value
  2. Selling a propery: by yourself or with a real estate agent?
  3. Cost overview property sale
  4. Checklist Property sale
  5. Overview real estate portals
  6. Bidding method of sale
  7. Specific guides for homeowners
  8. Avoid typical mistakes

1. Property value

For you as a seller, the first step is to determine the market price for your property as close to the market as possible. This results in important nuances for your sales decision, such as timing, target group and marketing strategy.

Our guide on the subject of market value explains how the value of a property is calculated and also offers you two very convenient ways to find out the value of your property.

You would like to sell your property sooner or later and would like to know first of all what your property is worth? We offer you two options:

2. Selling a propery: by yourself or with a real estate agent?

That is in the nature of things - a property sale involves considerable time and expense. This should always be part of your considerations when deciding whether to sell with or without an estate agent. Especially these important aspects of the sale often pose problems for private individuals without the corresponding experience or knowledge:

  • meaningful, attractive picture material
  • professional exposé, tailored to the interested parties
  • Financing questions of the buyers
  • Checking the creditworthiness of prospective buyers
  • legal issues surrounding the sale
  • Finding and pursuing suitable marketing channels
  • Managing viewings and preparing the property for visitors

Of course, you can sell a property entirely on your own. Especially if you have experience or the necessary time, it can be worthwhile. The advantage of using an experienced estate agent is that you get a professional in this field "on your team".

3. Cost overview property sale

When selling a house or a flat, various costs are incurred: Marketing costs, various taxes and much more. Knowing these in advance helps you make decisions and plan ahead. In our cost overview, you can find out what expenses you might incur before you start selling.

Here you will find a clear list of all the costs involved in selling a property.

4. Checklist Property sale

Selling your property is a demanding project that benefits greatly from good planning. In our checklist for the sale of real estate, you will find information on the process so that you can make essential decisions in advance and prepare all steps carefully.

5. Overview real estate portals

In Switzerland, sellers of real estate can choose from several real estate portals where properties can be conveniently advertised and marketed. In our overview you will find the most important online real estate portals and can compare them.

6. Bidding method of sale

Relatively new in the private real estate sector is the bidding method of sale. This method, which is similar to an auction, has its advantages and special features. Our article on the subject deals with what these are and how the procedure typically works.

7. Specific guides for homeowners

Guide to the topic: Selling a house

Would you like to sell your house in Switzerland? Our guide summarises all the important steps for you and shows, among other things, a typical procedure so that you can make all the important decisions well prepared.

Guide to the topic: Selling a flat

Are you planning to sell your flat in Switzerland? Read our guide to find out which factors influence the value of your flat, why it is important to define a specific buyer or target group, whether renovations make sense - and much more.

8. Avoid typical mistakes

The real estate market is currently very attractive for many sellers. Therefore, many private individuals are also considering selling their house or flat who may not have been able to gain any experience with it before. However, there are a few traps lurking on the way to a successful sale. We have summarised the typical sources of error in real estate sales for you:

1. Do not leave the real estate valuation to chance

Estimating sales prices too low or too high is a mistake that private sellers unfortunately make more often. Those who determine the property price among friends or according to gut feeling or based on the purchase price without further research can be bitterly disappointed. Prices that are set too low mean a loss of money. Prices that are set too high can drag out the sale unnecessarily.

It is very easy to have the property appraised by experts. Engel & Völkers offers you two convenient options for this: the online form for property valuation or a non-binding viewing appointment at your premises.

2. Do not underestimate the effect of good pictures

If you want to sell a property that you are currently occupying, it is essential that you tidy and prepare it accordingly before taking the photos. Make sure you take special care to stage the most beautiful parts of the property and, if applicable, the special features. Make sure the light is good.

If photography is not your thing, you can hire a photographer - you may be able to recoup the expense through the price of the property. If you have hired a reputable estate agent, he or she will take care of attractive pictures and a professional, market-oriented exposé.

3. Plan viewing appointments correctly

Prospective buyers have two main concerns during the viewing: To have a good look at the property and to get comprehensive answers to any questions they may have.

Therefore, do not schedule viewings during the dark hours of the day; clean up the property well and also prepare for possible questions. Also, take your time with the visitors and do not try to rush through the appointment in the short time of a lunch break.

4. Do not approach negotiations and the contract unprepared

The following also applies during negotiations: If you have created a good basis for pricing during the property valuation, you will also have a more solid basis for negotiation. Think in advance about the minimum price you want to achieve (for the price negotiations). Think about what could weaken or strengthen your negotiating position; prepare accordingly. You also need to be careful when it comes to the contract and securing the purchase, and be fully informed and prepared to avoid hassle.

If an experienced estate agent accompanies your property sale, they will conduct the negotiations in your interest and coordinate with you as well as assist you with questions regarding the contract and all modalities.

5. Do not underestimate the overall effort

Selling a house or a flat demands a lot of resources from you as the owner. In addition to time and money, the "real estate sales project" also requires certain knowledge and skills: Marketing, design, interior design, photography, law, etc.

If your time allows and you enjoy it - there is nothing to stop you from tackling this project yourself. If you have to economise on resources or you simply lack certain knowledge, you can strategically turn to appropriate professionals and take on only those tasks yourself that suit and please you.

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