Analysis of the current condition

During the first phase of the project and based on a professional assessment, initial appropriate measure are instigated, in particular, with regard to energy efficiency. At the same time, it is paramount what condition the building is in and how a reduction in energy consumption can be achieved with renovation. There are numerous service providers with various tools, which prepare an analysis based on quantitative data. This analysis cannot, however, replace an assessment by a professional with on-site consultation by the expert based on individual building characteristics. In any case and as a basis of all decisions, substantiated energy consulting on-site by a GEAK expert is to be recommended.

In any case and as a basis of all decisions, substantiated energy consulting on-site by a GEAK expert is to be recommended. The GEAK (building energy certificate of the cantons) is a 4-page document, which presents the energy condition of a building in a clear way. It is a standardised calculation that is uniform across Switzerland. This energy label includes basic recommendations for refurbishment measures and differentiates between the efficiency of the building shell and the overall energy efficiency. Every building is different. During the inspection on site, experts recognise weak points and identify possible energetic potentials in the building shell, hot water preparation, as well in the electrical loads. The expert report arising from this also forms the basis for potential applications for grants to the federal government, canton, and the municipality.

An important part of the analysis of the current condition is the inspection regarding potential contaminated sites (asbestos) as well as checking the seismic safety (in case of apartment buildings) and the fire protection concept. The disposal of contaminated soils and potential reinforcement of the foundations as well as the support structure in connection with seismic safety can be extremely costly.

For which parts of the building is an examination imperative?

1. Building shell

The quality of the thermal insulation has a significant influence on the energy efficiency of a building. It is imperative to check which material was used and to what extent.

2. Windows

The thermal insulation value describes the energetic condition of the windows. With single glazing, the value is somewhat higher and the building’s energy performance is therefore worse. Another important criterion is noise protection.

3. Basement

Weaknesses in the basement can be exterior walls and a basement floor without thermal insulation. In case of dampness, additional measures for waterproofing may be required.

4. Roof

The roof will need to be refurbished if it is damaged or not sufficiently insulated. If a roof extension is not planned, it is possible to insulate the attic instead of a roof insulation.

5. Building technology

Apart from the fabric of the building, the heating system and water heating impact the energy consumption in particular. Significant heating costs can be saved by refurbishing the heating, water heating, as well as the ventilation system.

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