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Prepare your home for the energy transition

The transition to green energy is now well underway, with countries around the world committing to lowering their carbon emissions. This means there will be a significant shift away from fossil fuels and towards renewable energy in all sectors, including domestic properties. So what do these changes mean for you now and in the future? And what should you be doing to play your part?

- The energy transition to greener energy will affect everyone, including homeowners:

Why prepare?

A shift to eco-friendly energy is now inevitable, so getting your home prepared for the energy transition is not just good for the environment but it’s good for future-proofing your lifestyle too. As more and more sectors move to greener energy, it will change the way the world around us works. You don’t want your home to be left behind and incompatible with the technology you need for your security and comfort.

The homes of the future will be smart homes, with efficient digital technology that connects seamlessly to external sources such as the energy grid for instant insight into areas that can be improved – for instance, where you can reduce your energy consumption.

What are the benefits to you?

Aside from the eco-friendly and sustainable aspects of the energy transition, you can expect to see a reduction in your energy bills over time. Renewable energy and more efficient systems and processes will eventually bring down the cost of powering your home.

In addition, you’ll have a home that runs more efficiently because it uses the very latest technology, giving you less to worry about when it comes to upkeep. Finally, you can have a sleeker and more sophisticated home, with more compact and integrated systems that were designed with modern life in mind. These will replace some of the outdated ways we currently heat and power our homes, adding value to your property at the same time.

What can you do?

Homes account for 25.4% of the final energy consumption in the EU, and this is largely used to heat water and rooms and power electrical appliances. Simple and relatively inexpensive things you can do in your home to reduce your energy consumption as part of the energy transition include installing new recycled insulation and double-glazed windows. Adding smart meters allow you to monitor your energy consumption in real time for accurate billing and a better picture of areas where you can improve.

Even little things like blocking draughts, fitting water-saving shower heads and swapping all bulbs for energy-saving varieties will help you move towards a more eco-friendly and modern home.

However, for a more dramatic and committed change that will allow you to move away from dependence on the national grid, you could consider installing solar panels. Although the initial outlay can be quite steep (running to several thousand euros), you can offset this by joining one of the schemes available to homeowners investing in solar panels.

Don't get left behind

As homes evolve to incorporate elements such as more sustainable design, keeping up with these changes helps you to ensure your home retains or even increases its value.

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