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Inground pools: why and how to build your own

A swimming pool is the true hallmark of a luxury property. And yet, not just any swimming pool will do the trick. Overground or inflatable designs can spoil your outdoor aesthetic with their man-made materials and exposed mechanisms, while climbing into them can prove ungainly and uncomfortable.

Inground pools: why and how to build your own

The secret to maintaining your home's sense of style and having your own place to take a morning dip is building an inground and artfully landscaped swimming pool.

What are the benefits of inground pools?

Inground pools help to elevate your home into the 'luxury property' bracket, which is a surefire means of increasing its market value. Even if you aren't looking to sell in the near future, integrating a pool into your property's layout allows you to put a personal stamp on your home, and tailor your space to suit your wants and needs.

Factors to consider before your swimming pool installation

1. Function

Before you begin your outdoor project, think about what will be your pool's primary purpose. Fitness-oriented swimming pools need to be more efficient and utilitarian, with enough space for laps and lanes. Inground pools for pleasure have more room for creativity, so you can play around with different shapes, gradients and tiling designs.

2. Site

There are a few factors to keep in mind when placing inground pools. Most importantly, your pool's capacity to drain and flood will be influenced by your ground level: if you opt for a low-ground pool, you might find that it fills with leaves, debris and rainwater on a regular basis. An outdoor project like this will also need to take things like wind shelter and sun exposure into account, so that your morning laps or afternoon dips are warm and sunlit.

3. Material

Inground pools can be built from a number of materials, each one with its own benefits. Fibreglass pools are the quickest to install. They're also non-porous, which means you won't need to use as many chemicals further down the line. The downside is that you're limited by the designs available, which makes fibreglass ideal for utilitarian fitness pools but not for much else.

Anyone looking to create an eclectic shape or an eye-catching design with their outdoor DiY projects should turn instead to vinyl and concrete. Vinyl is easily bent and moulded into unique shapes, but it's also more vulnerable to puncture. Concrete is far more durable and can be poured into the space and shape you desire.

4. Shape

Once all of the serious decisions are out of the way, selecting the shape of your pool is really where the fun begins and all your creative DiY ideas are unleashed. If this is on your list of personal DiY projects, you can even dig out the perfect shape yourself prior to the swimming pool installation.

Taking the time to design the shape of your pool not only gives your property a touch of unique character, but it can also increase your home's value. One-of-a-kind designs with unique features such as stone steps, bubbling fountain decorations or even an inbuilt jacuzzi could add that personal touch that many buyers look for when scanning the luxury market. Or you could even opt for an unconventional shape with some overlapping foliage and stone tiling to tap into the natural swimming pool trend.

Adding an inground pool is just one way to take your property to that next level. For some inspiration on pools and even more DiY ideas for luxury home improvement, please head over to the Engel & Völkers property search.

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