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Outdoor: Garden lighting tips

After the long and grey winter months, we are once again drawn to our beautiful garden. Soon we will also be able to have a cosy barbecue evening outdoors with our friends and family. But even the most magnificent of gardens can only come into full effect after dark if proper lighting is used. We have compiled a small guide for you with the most important tips for illuminating your garden in the best possible way.

Outdoor: Garden lighting tips

Just like indoor lighting, garden lighting should be approached from two different angles: functionality and atmosphere. Both are equally important and should ideally be combined. Let’s start with the practical:

Functional garden lighting

Whether you want to illuminate the garden path on your way to work in the early mornings or want your guests to find their way to the cosy barbecue dinner: For orientation and safety purposes, it is necessary to provide at least a little garden lighting.

The best way to create a safe passageway for you and your guests is to light up the footpaths. Our tip on how to combine functionality with elegance: Use round recessed floor luminaires, which not only provide orientation, but also create atmosphere. Solar-powered lights are especially suitable, as they can illuminate your garden paths in areas without electric cables.

And if these are not to your taste: How about lining your garden path with elegant pillar lights instead? Another option for illuminating your garden near the house is to use canopy lighting: Appealing round spotlights will not only lighten up your entrance area, but also your garden in parts.

Decorative garden lighting

Of course, you and your guests not only want to find your way around in the garden, but also admire it over a glass of wine. Decorative lighting is not only something for summer: Nicely illuminating your garden will provide you with great views from your lounge all year round. 

The best thing about a garden is that it can be used for get-togethers, be it on the terrace or in a separate seating area in the garden itself. The choice of lighting depends strongly on the event: Are you just enjoying a glass of wine or are you having dinner together? Our tip: Use a lamp with dimmer switch for area lighting, as this will allow you to react flexibly to any given situation. Affix the main lamp over the middle of the table to ensure an even spread of light and avoid unwanted shadows.

Are you the lucky owner of a pool? A welcome opportunity to use area lighting: LED underwater spotlights are a special highlight and are also available in colour, making it easy to create a special atmosphere.

In addition to area lighting for the pool or seating areas, you can also illuminate individual objects. Each garden owner has a favourite tree, plant or decorative item. Illuminate it with well placed garden spots to make it stand out and take joy from it in the evenings. Do not make it a fixed installation, however. This will allow you to shift the focus to other objects whenever you feel like it.

If you have a very big garden or a special landscape garden, you could also ask a professional lighting consultant for advice. For more garden maintenance tips, please visit the Engel & Völkers website.

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