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Welcome to the city of Valdivia, rated among the top 10 cities with better quality of life. Engel & Völkers is the prestigious real estate broker with a presence of its office in the area of ​​Isla Teja. Let us help you find the property of your dreams. If you want to buy or sell a property we will guide you in this process.The city of Valdivia belongs to the commune and province of the same name, is inserted in the XIV Region of the Rivers, called Region of the Rivers., Which is composed of the provinces of Valdivia and Ranco.At the provincial level, the commune of Valdivia is located at the west end of the province, limiting the north with the municipality of San Jose de la Mariquina, north-east with the commune of Máfil, east to the town of Los Lagos, south-east with the commune of Paillaco, south to the town of Corral and west by the Pacific Ocean.A variety of shopping centers, restaurants, medical centers, schools, parks, cinema, and everything you can imagine and need to despejarte and enjoy all in the same area, with beautiful scenery and navigable rivers. Excellent connectivity with the flora and fauna.A beautiful city situated at the confluence of the rivers Calle Calle, Valdivia - Cau-Cau and Cruces River and just 15 kms. Fog Bay.Valdivia has, within its main economic activities, industry, shipbuilding, timber, paper, brewing, milling, and a pulp mill (Celco). Large companies have established wood processing factories near Valdivia.In the city center is the Municipal Market, which is notable for its architecture and trade in it develops, focused mainly on crafts and local cuisine. Then there are the waterfront promenade and the Fluvial Fair Valdivia.Valdivia is considered a bohemian city. It has numerous nightclubs, bars, pubs and restaurants, making it one of the cities of the South Zone more nightlife.We invite you to visit our store located in one of the most beautiful cities in southern


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Living in Valdivia

With a total area of ​​1,016 km2, being 92.45% of this population is urban with 129,952 inhabitants and only 7.55% is characterized as rural population with 10,607 inhabitants, ie, the commune of Valdivia is a commune with a population concentrated in urban areas.

The Flora and Fauna of the Valdivian Forest, mainly secaracteriza by the existence of a high and dense, wet forest with a rich understory vines, ferns and babuceas. These forests are composed of various tree species such as Araucaria, male and Mañíofemale, Arrayan, hazel, among others.

Quality of Life in the city of Valdivia

This city is surrounded by rivers and hills with lots of greenery, esconsiderada tourist town. This means you have access to all lonecesario daily as hospitals, malls, supermarkets, etc and lasnoches has a variety of bars, pubs, discos, is considered unaciudad bohemian nightlife.

The large amount of supply of quality schools and proximity of these households of their students possible to reduce commuting distances.


One of the points that stand out in the city of Valdivia is the preservation of its beautiful vegetation and fauna present, is so well they have adapted rafts to the sea lions, which are located on the seafront promenade. As for forests and parks vegetative out of the routine are: Parque Oncol, Jardínbotanico, Ines de Suarez park, among others.

Another of its attractions is clearly floating restaurants and cafes, which give them a different look River.

Sports in Valdivia

The proximity to mountains, rivers, coastal walk, nature sanctuaries, beach, etc. make trekking lovers, Remo, SUP, trot among other enjoy these wonders within walking distance of their homes.

A significant number of golfers, tennis players and other sports make this sector is highly valued by them.


The Valdivia Municipality is responsible for conduct workshops on various topics, exhibitions of painting, photography, libraries etc.

In the city theater, ballet and music, according to the timetable set by the Municipality are presented.

Note that in the summer the show Queen of rivers are made and of course the great Valdiviana night.

Investing in Valdivia

The large number of schools, health centers, supermarkets nearby existing home generates a large movement of families who want to live near them.

Newest properties in near the city condo, but in full vegetation make this an attractive place for people with young children.

Foreigners are intended to Chile, this city prefer to live by the proximity of work.

Profile of property buyers

Buyers in the city of Valdivia are mainly young families looking for a nearby ecological environment to their jobs and schools for their children. older families seeking peace, tranquilidady enjoy the beautiful landscapes that this release.

Buy or rent a house, apartment

If you want to buy or rent a property in the city of Valdivia, do not hesitate to contact us. We offer a broad portfolio of houses, apartments, fields, plots, and sites in the best parts of Valdivia.

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If you want to sell or rent your property put in contact us and we will visit. Engel & Völkers Valdivia has a broad portfolio of top-tier customers seeking the right property for their needs.

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