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Ready to Lead!

Qualified, motivated real estate agents and your own entrepreneurial success are the result of skilful and professional leadership. As a manager, you are a relationship manager and change advocate as well as arole model, and permanently need to consolidate external demands with your own needs and visions. A realistic sense of self-awareness plays a large role here. For only if you know your own strengths and weaknesses, can you empathise with others, motivate them and confidently steer them in the right direction.

The multi-day training deals with practicing different situations in personnel management and development. Apart from understanding methods and your own approach to management, you will become familiar with all types of staff appraisals. Furthermore, the training deals with significant approaches to team management and promoting a feedback culture as the engine that drives a learning and growth culture. 

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  • Own strengths andareas of development as a manger
  • My personal understanding of leadership 
  • Motivate and supportreal estate agents
  • Properly assess the performance of the team
  • Review the results and give appropriate feedback
  • Solving difficult management situations  


  • Multi-day face-to-facetraining at the company headquarters in Hamburg
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